WeTransfer is the most popular service for sharing large files with our contacts. It is a tool that allows you to share files up to 2 GB in its free version and up to 20 GB in the paid version. Today we propose 10 alternatives that you can use if the free WeTransfer plan falls short, or stops working for some reason.

First, let’s look at services that also allow you to store files in the cloud to be able to access them from anywhere.


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Mega has become one of the most used services for sharing files on the Internet. Its free version offers you 50 GB of storage space, and you can share large files without problems. Mega even allows you to encrypt files with a password so that your content is more protected.

If you need more, you can opt for several payment plans with a starting price of 5 euros per month, with a storage capacity of 200 GB and 1 TB of data transfer.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another excellent option to share your large files. The free version offers 15 GB of storage, and you can share the content with anyone you want. One advantage is that it has full integration with other services of the company, such as Google Docs.

If you fall short you can use the Google One service that gives you access to several plans with storage capacities of 100 GB, 200 GB and 2 TB for prices starting at 20 euros per year or 2 euros per month.


Dropbox is still one of the pioneers in file-sharing services over the Internet. I was using it in my student years at the university and it is great for sharing documents and all kinds of files with classmates.

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Its free version offers 3 GB, a very limited amount but it can be valid if you do not need to keep the files in the cloud once your contacts have received and downloaded them. Your payment plans start at 2 TB of space for 12 euros per month.


OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service that you can also use to share files. The free version offers you 5 GB of space so you can store and share your most important files.

If you need more space, you can buy a plan with 100 GB for only 2 euros per month. It also has excellent plans that include an Office 360 ​​subscription.

We now tend to see the best services if you just want to share the files and not store them.


Filemail stands out for allowing you to send files with a size of up to 50 GB in its free version, it will be difficult for you to send something that goes beyond the limit. It also offers file tracking, so you can know when the recipient has received it, and when it has been opened.

It has applications and plugins to integrate its functions with the main operating systems and the most popular mail services, such as Gmail and Hotmail. It has a payment plan for 15 euros per month that get rid of the file limit and allows them to be protected with a password.

Send Anywhere

We continue with Send Anywhere, a tool that is well known and allows us to send files up to 10 GB without paying a single cent. The negative point is that the service shows some ads, and the files expire in just 48 hours, compared to 72 hours in the previous two.

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The paid version increases the size of the files up to 1 TB and removes files expiration. It will also offer you file tracking, get rid of advertising and improves upload and download speed, all for only 6 euros per month.

Transfer XL

Transfer XL is a file sharing service on the Internet that is characterized by offering excellent transfer speed and encryption. The free version will allow you to send files up to 5 GB, with a retention time of one week and a daily transfer limit of 10 GB. A feature that will be very attractive to many users.

The paid version is priced at 10 euros per month and extends the limit of the files to 25 GB. It also allows you to create a specific subdomain and you can change the wallpaper of the download, something more aesthetics than the utility.


MyAirBridge works in a very similar way to Filemail, although it does not offer applications or plugins to improve its functionality. This makes it an extremely simple and simple to use service, and very functional. You can send files with a size of up to 20 GB for free.

It also has a payment plan that extends the size of the files up to 50 GB, best of all, it only costs 2.59 euros per month, so it is available to all users. It has higher plans with larger file sizes and password protection.


Plus Transfer is very similar to WeTransfer to facilitate user adaptation. Its operation is very simple, although the free plan is quite limited because it only allows you to send files up to 5 GB. It will also show you some publicity, although it is not too invasive.

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We finish with JumboMail, an alternative to WeTransfer that stands out for retaining the files on its servers for a maximum of 7 days before deleting them. Its free version allows you to share files up to 5 GB, which is extended to 20 GB in its paid version of 11 euros per month. This latest version also increases the retention time of files for up to six months.

Here ends our article on 10 alternatives to WeTransfer to send large files, we hope you find it very useful. Remember that you can share the post if you liked it so you can help more users who need it.

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