If you are always working with a computer, you must be able to organize yourself properly to stay productive and avoid distractions.

While it is true that we all have our way of working, it is worth following a series of tips and routines that will help us stay focused for longer.

But if you don’t want to follow recommendations, you can always use several online tools that will make your job easier. If this is the case, the browser can be a key tool to increase the workflow. Especially for those in professions where constant access to the Internet is required.

That’s why today we are going to recommend 10 Chrome extensions that will help us stay productive for a longer period. Are you interested? Then let’s go there.


This add on allows grouping the tabs that are open in Chrome in an orderly way. You can create and name different categories for the different groupings of tabs: “travel websites”, “work”, etc. once inside each category, the tabs will be seen as cards so you can easily locate them.

It can be easily downloaded through the link below, and its installation is really simple.

Black Menu

Black Menu

Imagine being able to have almost instantaneous access to Google services (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, YouTube, translator) with just one click. Then stop imagining, because with the Black Menu extension you can comfortably use these services through a drop-down menu, and without having to leave the page you are on.

Once you place the cursor over each of the services in the menu, you can click on them to obtain a preview, or directly click on the right button to open them in a new tab.

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Faster Chrome

With this extension, you can speed up the navigation in the browser. How is this possible? Well, the truth is that the magic behind FasterChrome is based on the browsing habits of the users, since, generally, when we click on a link, we keep the cursor over it for a few moments. In that thousandth of a second FasterChrome takes the opportunity to start loading the content in the background.

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Poper Blocker

We now move to a pop-up blocking service. Poper Blocker can help you deal with pop-up ads by automatically blocking annoying pop-ups, as well as background tabs and overlays, those boxes that appear on pages covering the content you are interested in. As a result, you’ll notice a substantial improvement in your browsing experience with Chrome.

Google Translate

Google Translate

Capable of translating texts into 103 different languages by simply copying the source text and clicking on the Google Translator icon. But it doesn’t stop there, as the extension is also capable of translating offline into up to 59 languages, translating directly using the camera to focus on the reference text, or directly translating bilingual conversations and in 43 languages.

Google Docs Offline

Google Docs Offline

Especially useful if you are traveling or in any other context with no internet access or little coverage, and need to prepare some presentation or write a document. Basically, with this extension, you can access Drive, and from there Documents, Spreadsheets, and Google Presentations, without having to be connected to the internet.

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However, once the extension is installed in your browser, first you have to make a small adjustment from the Drive configuration menu. Once in the menu, you have to check the box “Offline” to start working in Google Docs offline.


Do you need to start several sessions within the same service and in a single browser? Session Box is the extension you have been needing for a long time and you didn’t know it.

To do so, you only have to click on the extension and select the account you want to access. In the same tab that you just opened, you’ll see the colored dot that you’ve set for a specific account, so you can quickly locate it.

Timeline Support

Timeline Support

This extension allows you to have the Windows Timeline function in your browser to access the websites you have visited on a specific day. Not only that, but you can also send a website you have open to another device where you have the same email account. Those who are used to work with Windows 10 will know what we are talking about.



How do we gamma the need to stay focused on our task and increase our productivity? The answer is Forest, an extension created expressly to help us forget our need to consult other websites, and thus focus on our work.

The idea is to create a virtual forest, so that the longer the period without access to the websites you do not want to use, the bigger our forest will be. Now, the moment you can’ t avoid the need to consult the results of last night’s game, goodbye to your beloved tree.

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It also has a mobile app explicitly designed to forget about our addiction to mobile phones.

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Are you concerned about security when sending an email to a client or co-worker? Now you can breathe easy because with FlowCrypt we can create an email with end-to-end encryption from Gmail with PGP keys. However, if our recipients don’t have the extension installed, we’ll need to add a password to the messages we send to them.

And here are our 10 Chrome extensions to help you maintain maximum productivity at work. What did you think of them? Did you already know them? Share your recommendations below in the comments.

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