The release of Microsoft Windows 10 is like yesterday but it has been almost 4 years since Microsoft’s most complete and ambitious operating system arrived at our computers: Windows 10. Much has changed since then and after several improvements based on updates and security patches, those at Microsoft Redmond Campus have been polishing their flagship product with very interesting features.

Here are 10 of them that you probably didn’t know:

Task View

A feature to use when working with Windows 10 is the Task View, which allows you to see all open applications at a glance. To activate it you just have to press Windows + Tab, an alternative to the traditional Alt + Tab command.

Virtual Desk Management

One of the newnesses that Windows 10 introduces is the option to create several virtual desktops where you can work in a comfortable and orderly way. It is also a good option if you work in multi-monitor environments.

To do this, go to the bottom bar of the desktop where you will find the Task View button, or enter the command Windows + Tab, and then click on the text where it says “Add a new desktop”. Automatically at the bottom, you will see several different thumbnails with their independent task management.

Windows Timeline

In the same way that the Task View allows you to see which applications are running, the new Windows Timeline collects internally those applications that you have been using during the last 30 days.

That’s not the end of it but the best of all is its compatibility with several devices. That is, if you have a tablet or laptop with Windows 10 in which you logged in your Microsoft account, everything you do in each of them will be registered in the timeline and you would be able to see it in other devices.

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When you access the Task Viewer, a window opens with open desks and applications and just below will appear all the history of web pages you have visited or documents opened from different applications.

Game Mode

Microsoft is aware that an increasing number of users use their computer to play video games and that is why it has introduced new features related to this section, such as Game Mode, a function that allows more resources to be dedicated to the game that is running at that time, to achieve a more fluid performance.

You just have to press Windows + G when you have opened the game. Next, you must go to the “Settings” icon and then you will see the option “Use Game Mode for this videogame”. Keep in mind that Game Mode will remain active each time you want to use it.

Gestures Navigation

Windows 10 also adds gesture control if what we want is to work quickly, and speed up certain tasks. Of course, first, you will have to make sure that your device has a precision touch panel.

If so, congratulations! Now you can take advantage of the enormous possibilities of touch gestures: drag and drop, scroll, pinch to zoom, drag windows, view tasks, activate Cortana, and many more. If you want to know them all, you just have to enter “Touch” in the search bar.

Biometric Recognition

Passwords are no longer the only option to unlock our devices. Using our face or fingerprint to access our equipment is increasingly recurring among users, and Windows Hello is Microsoft’s response to facial recognition solutions.

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Your device must incorporate a fingerprint reader or a camera with support for facial recognition. If so, go to the “Start” menu, click on “Settings” and click on “Accounts”. Finally, select the “Login Options” to configure Windows Hello.

File Search

In Windows 10 you have a function that allows you to search for files through tags that greatly improves the way you organize your documents so you don’t waste your time searching.

Of course, before using the tool we will first have to label the files with the terms we consider to help us group them: “work”, “pending tasks”, “expenses”, among others. To do so, right-click on the document and select “Properties”, go to the “Details” tab, and in the “Description” section you have the “Labels” option. Enter the name you want to use and it will automatically be saved.

Voice Dictation

Dictate, is a compliment for text files that allows you to dictate any writing thanks to the advanced voice recognition system used by Cortana, the Windows 10 virtual assistant.

Just select a text field and press Windows + H to open the dictation tool.

Nothing Distracts You

Focus Assist is a function which helps you work without distraction through blocking notifications and alerts to create workspaces free of interruptions.

In addition, it gives you the flexibility to block those alerts you deem inappropriate. For example, you can configure which contacts we do want to block or even restrict the deactivation of notifications at certain times of the day.

You can activate Focus Assist from “Settings” and then go to “System”. Click on “Focus Assistant” to choose the applications that should be activated automatically.

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Improved Bluetooth Connectivity

In the past, Microsoft reported that Windows 10 had several connectivity problems with Bluetooth devices, but with the last major update, the company took to change this situation.

One of the most striking was Quick Pair, a new feature that allows us to connect any Bluetooth device to our computer with just one click without having to explore it and enter a PIN. As simple as that.

Also, one of the most outstanding functions based on Bluetooth connectivity is Near Share. With this new technology, the system will search for nearby devices to transfer files between devices compatible with the latest Windows 10 update.

These are just some of the most interesting features offered by the Windows 10 interface. Of course, there are many more, so we encourage you to discover them all.

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