Scribble Rider and Brain Wash were the most downloaded games in August 2020 for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Practically all games in July lost positions in the App Store and Google Play Store, replaced by several newcomers in the rankings of both stores. The main exception to the rule was Cube Surfer by Voodoo, which not only secured some positions but also third place in the overall top 10, alongside Subway Surfers and Tie Dye in the top 5. Published last Wednesday (16), the data are from the mobile market consulting site Sensor Tower.

Scribble Rider, as well as Brain Wash, was a debutant in August with 44.6 million installations. In the game, the user draws the shape of the wheels of the motorcycle to cross a bumpy course and win a race, similar to the Voodoo’s Draw Climber game which was one of the most downloaded in March.

The game was most successful in India, with 16.7% of downloads and in the USA with 12%. Brain Wash, in turn, reached around 30 million downloads and is a puzzle game where you have to think outside the box, similar to Brain Out. Most of the game’s installations came from India with 17.2% and the USA with 12%.

Cube Surfer is a game literally about surfing on top of a cube, similar in mechanics to the game Stack Colors! One of the lowest games of the decade, the endless running game Subway Surfer was one of the few that stayed close to the top this month. The Tie Dye T-shirt painting game dropped positions in the App Store after being the most downloaded of July but reached the fifth position in Google PlayStore downloads. The popular Battle Royale Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile that used to be in the top 5 almost stayed out of the top 10 this month.

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A surprise fifth place in the App Store was Among Us, the multiplayer game of intrigue that has become a phenomenon in recent months. Originally released in 2018, interest in the game exploded with streaming coverage on YouTube and Twitch in countries like Brazil, Mexico, and South Korea. Interest in the game increased by over 660% to reach 18.4 million downloads and enter the top 10 for the first time. Among other newcomers, the Log Thrower trunk shooting game and the Fruit Clinic vegetable “medicine” game caught the attention.

Most downloaded games

General List

  1. Scribble Rider!
  2. Brain Wash
  3. Cube Surfer
  4. Subway Surfers
  5. Tie Dye
  6. Log Thrower
  7. My Talking Tom: Friends
  8. Fruit Clinic
  9. Among Us
  10. Garena Free Fire

App Store

  1. Scribble Rider!
  2. Cube Surfer
  3. Brain Wash
  4. Subway Surfers
  5. Among Us
  6. Fruit Clinic
  7. PUBG Mobile
  8. Tie Dye
  9. Log Thrower
  10. Homescapes

Google Play Store

  1. Scribble Rider!
  2. Brain Wash
  3. Cube Surfer
  4. Subway Surfers
  5. Tie Dye
  6. My Talking Tom: Friends
  7. Ludo King
  8. Log Thrower
  9. Garena Free Fire
  10. Modern Tuk Tuk Auto
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