Samsung’s latest device in the smartwatch market this year is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, the second version of the Galaxy Watch Active series. Launched in two designs of 40 and 44 millimeters, the main novelty of the Samsung watch is the possibility of generating electrocardiograms in real-time.

Another design novelty is the ‘tactile crown’ that surrounds the watch frame to interact with the applications and the system in a much more comfortable way. All from a price of 300 euros in the most economical version without connection 4G LTE and material based on aluminum. Are you considering the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2? Take a look at these five key features.

Circular Design with Touch Crown

If there is one thing that makes Galaxy Watch Active2 stands out from the rest, it is because of its circular design that diverges from the somewhat coarser rectangular designs. Thanks to this format its dimensions are just 40 and 44 millimeters in the Samsung smartwatch two variants. Even lighter is its weight, only 26 and 30 grams in aluminum models and 37 and 42 grams in stainless steel models.

Its screen features AMOLED technology, 1.2 inches for the 40 mm model and 1.4 inches for the 44 mm model, and has a touch frame that acts as a virtual crown to interact with some of the system’s functions. Move between applications, select actions, and options within each application…

One UI has now been completely redesigned to adapt the functionality of the crown to the potential of the watch: just follow the outline of the frame to interact with any interface item. Of course, the functions of the touch screen are maintained, as well as the other options implemented in previous versions of One UI.

Electrocardiograms and Fall and Stress Detection

Two of the most useful features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. The first allows us to get a complete report of our heart rate in real-time through the Samsung Health application thanks to eight photodiodes integrated into the base of the clock.

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This function is in addition to the heart rate function that Samsung has implemented in its devices and that helps to contextualize the information obtained by the ECG. An option that is also accompanied by a health assistant who will warn us in times of stress to propose breathing exercises and relaxation methods.

When it comes to fall detection, the Galaxy Watch Active2 integrates an accelerometer sensor capable of capturing movements of up to 32 G forces. In a not so theoretical plane, this allows the clock to detect falls and with it to warn the contacts and pertinent organisms to help the person in case of necessity. This is complemented by some pressure and rotation sensors to obtain a more accurate diagnosis when suffering accidents.

Unfortunately, the functions of generating electrocardiograms and detecting falls are disabled until the different countries approve their application, something that should not take long to arrive according to the latest leaks. The other functions (heart rate sensor, stress detector…), which can be used from the purchase of the watch together with the Samsung Health application, are necessary to enjoy all the advantages of the watch.

Resistance to Shock and Immersion

Like a good sports watch, Samsung’s Watch Active2 integrates all kinds of protections for water dives, bumps and falls in different situations. To be more precise, the company’s watch is capable of withstanding a pressure of 5 atmospheres thanks to its IP68 certification, which also makes it possible to dive for up to 10 minutes in water at a depth of 50 meters.

As far as fall protection is concerned, the device uses the MIL-STD-810G standard to withstand any type of fall or collision. This resistance is also transferred to your screen, protected by a coating based on Gorilla Glass DX+ protection designed specifically for wearables and devices with small screens. In short: we can use the watch in any scenario, be it the swimming pool, the beach, the mountain or the forest.

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Connectivity: NFC, 4G LTE, GPS

Samsung has left no stone unturned in Galaxy Watch Active2 connectivity. The company has decided to differentiate its range according to 4G connectivity, which means that we are faced with two types of devices: one with a 4G LTE connection compatible with eSIM cards and another without a 4G connection of any kind. Both versions have a string of connections ranging from GPS sensors to WiFi 802.11n, through NFC.

The GPS connection is compatible with all the satellites currently present (GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou…), which helps the watch to position itself in remote places far from the city centers. As for the NFC connection, this makes it possible to pay Samsung Pay through the clock without the need for a mobile phone or physical card as long as the clock has an Internet connection.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the implementation of Bluetooth 5.0 as an entry point to synchronize the clock with the phone. The estimated data of this connection promise us up to 240 meters of range and a transfer speed of 2 MB/s.

Tizen and Its Ecosystem

The last highlight of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is found in Tizen and the entire ecosystem of applications, functions, features and options that we find along with this, far superior to what Android Wear can offer, starting with the Galaxy Store applications, where we can find hundreds of applications designed exclusively for the clock. Some features, such as the sending and receiving of SMS and answering calls, are only available in this latest version. Others, such as receiving notifications of third-party applications, are compatible with Samsung’s entire Watch range.

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Active Watch2

As if that weren’t enough, the company’s system is compatible with several of today’s most widely used applications, starting with WhatsApp and ending in Spotify. In the first one, it is possible to read and respond to messages from third party conversations through the keyboard integrated into the clock; we can also dictate the text or write the words through gestures. Of course, this function is compatible with all applications compatible with the system.

In Spotify, the streaming application supports offline playback only if you have a Premium account. With 4GB of internal storage, the clock will store songs in memory for playback without the need to stay connected to the network even if you don’t have the 4G variant.

The rest of the applications compatible with Samsung’s Watch Active2, such as Endomondo, Iberia,, My FitnessPal, Uber, Flipboard, Camera Remote Control, Here WeGo, Gear Voice Memo, Sleep as Android and many others can be installed through Samsung’s app store. Best of all, system compatibility is not limited to Samsung phones, as Tizen is compatible with Android from versions equal to or greater than Android 5.0 and iOS from versions equal to or greater than iOS 9.

Due to the nature and limitations of the Apple system, some of the clock’s features cannot be used with an iPhone. This is not the case with Android, which is compatible with Samsung’s app store, Samsung Pay and most of the Tizen features that the smartwatch has.

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