As a result of the controversial news related to changes in WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, many users of the messaging platform have sought alternative tools. A large part of these users has opted for Telegram, a platform that has some of the most interesting features. Undoubtedly, one of the advantages of Telegram is the use of bots, a kind of program that allows users to carry out a multitude of different tasks within Telegram.

In general, users have the possibility of interacting with the bots in two different ways: by opening a direct chat with the bot in question or by mentioning the bot from the text box by typing @botname and given command. Given their simple operation, more and more users are opting to use bots to carry out different tasks in a simple way. Here are some of the bots you should keep an eye on.

Gmail Bot

Gmail Bot

Did you know that Gmail has an official bot in Telegram? We are talking about Gmail Bot, a bot that allows us to make use of Google’s email platform without leaving Telegram. Once configured, the bot will notify you every time you receive an email. Also, you can reply just as you would reply to any other message received through Telegram.

Wikipedia Search

Do you want to search Wikipedia without leaving Telegram? In that case, you will probably be interested to know that there is an unofficial bot to access Wikipedia and simply perform searches. The operation of Wikipedia Search is quite simple. First, you have to mention the bot by typing @wiki. Then you have to specify the language code (es, en, etc.) in which you want to make the query and enter a search term. For example @wiki en Elon Musk. At this point, it is interesting to note that you can use the bot in any group conversation.

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Tenor GIF Search

Tenor GIF Search

One of the few official Telegram bots (created by the platform itself) is Tenor GIF Search. Specifically, this bot has been developed to facilitate the sending of animated gifs in our conversations. To use it, you just have to type @gif followed by the word you want to search for. For example: “@gif hello”. Almost instantly you will see all the gifs related to the term entered appear. You only have to click on a result to send it.

Feed Reader Bot

If you want to use Telegram as if it were an RSS reader, you can do it with this bot. Feed Reader Bot can monitor the RSS feeds of our favorite websites and notify us every time there is new content, so it is especially useful to keep abreast of any news without leaving Telegram. Besides, it also works in group conversations.

Alert Bot

Alert Bot

One of my favorite options is Alert Bot, a bot developed to facilitate the creation of reminders and alerts. We can use it both within an individual or group chat (mentioning the bot with @Alertbot), as well as opening a conversation with it to receive private alerts. Of course, the bot allows us to indicate the time we want to receive the notification. For example, we could type /alert 5h send a commercial proposal by email to receive the indicated reminder within 5 hours.


By now you’ve surely heard about IFTTT, the popular platform for automating actions between different tools and services. The platform also with an official bot for Telegram that allows us to connect the app with our IFTTT account. This way, we can take advantage of the full potential of the automation platform directly from Telegram.

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