If you have any of the new iPhone 11, you’ve probably already seen the best tricks and tips to get the most out of it. But during these months of use, I have discovered some options and features that I didn’t imagine to see in these new devices, and I’m sure you haven’t either. These are 6 things you can do with the iPhone that you probably didn’t know.

Using the Keyboard as a trackpad

This feature is not exclusive to iPhone 11, but it is present on these devices and is sure to be very, very useful to you. The iPhone 11 keyboard can be turned into a trackpad to slide over text much faster. To try it out, go to notes or text you’ve typed. Then, with the keyboard open, hold down the space key and you’ll see the other keys disappear. Now you can move your finger as if it were a computer and get to the part of the text more accurately.

This feature adds to a new feature on the iOS 13 keyboard, which allows you to type text by sliding your finger across the keyboard.

Measuring things with iPhone

Yes, you can measure objects with the iPhone, or even use the device as a level to hang a shelf, for example. This is thanks to the augmented reality and the ‘Measurements’ app included by default on iPhones. This application is usually in the utility folder, and if you don’t find it you can download it for free from the App Store.

Open the app and scan the areas so that the augmented reality can be used. Then select the measurement option if you want to measure an object, or the level option if you want to check the level of a surface.

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Do you listen to music in your sleep? You can make it stop

If you’re one of those people who likes to listen to music while you sleep, there’s a trick that lets you stop the music at the time you want, and automatically. In other words, the iPhone stops the music for you. To do this, go to the ‘Clock’ app and click on the ‘Timer’ option. Then, in the option that says ‘Finish’ scrolls down and clicks the option that says ‘Stop playback’. This will cause the iPhone to stop what is playing when the counter drops to zero. Now, click on ‘Save’ and choose the time you want in the timer. For example, for one hour.

Go to your music application and select the songs. When the counter ends no beep will sound, only the music will stop.

Adjusts the blur of a photo in a portrait mode

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro allow you to adjust the blur of a picture taken in portrait mode, an option that is hidden in the camera settings, and that I think should be in the camera app itself, so we can change the aperture in real-time and before taking the picture.

To adjust the blur you’ll need to locate the image in the iPhone gallery. Then click on edit. When the editor opens, click on the ‘F’ icon at the top. It may appear with some numbers indicating the focal level. Clicking will bring up a bar at the bottom and by sliding it you can adjust the depth. The smaller the number the more blurred.

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Hey Siri, remind me to wash my clothes when I get home

Did you know Siri can add a reminder based on location? For example, I might ask Siri to remind me to do my laundry when I get home, or to let me know it’s my friend John’s birthday when I get home. To do this, it will be necessary to set up the location of the contact. If you want to set your home location, go to the Contacts app and select your card. Then press edit and click ‘Add Address’. You can also do the same with other contacts. Even with locations of interest, such as your supermarket. To do this, simply add a contact such as ‘Supermarket’ and select the store location. Then ask Siri to remind you, for example, to buy fruit as you pass through the Supermarket.

You probably have your shopping list in the Notes app, where you write down everything you have to buy. The truth is that with the box option it is very useful to make a list. But in the reminder application, you can also make a shopping list, and it’s much more intuitive, as you can also ask Siri to add a product.

To create a shopping list go to the reminder app and on the main page click on the ‘Add list’ option at the bottom. Select the account and name the list. For example, Shopping list. You can select the color and icon and confirm the name. Now, click ‘New reminder’ to add an item or ask Siri to add it to your shopping list. “Hey Siri, add apples to the shopping list.

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