Windows 10X was introduced in October 2019 and was designed as the operating system for dual-screen displays. A final version has not yet appeared, but the first leaks already show how it will work and some basic features of what aims to be Microsoft’s Chrome OS.

On the Thurrott website, they have published some first screenshots of how Windows 10X works after getting a test version. The version has also reached The Verge and WindowsCentral among others, so we can see in detail what we can expect when a final version reaches the public.

Windows 10X

It should be noted that while originally Windows 10X was presented as a system for dual-screen devices, things have changed. This type of device will take advantage of the second screen to show your ‘Wonder Bar’ and in general is a system that mixes concepts of mobile and desktop.

However, Microsoft announced that first, the operating system will reach single-screen devices and then the dual-screen ones. This is partly because the devices with the dual-screen are not yet ready to be launched to the market, it was estimated that Windows 10X would reach them by 2022. In the meantime, we can see what it will look like on single-screen and more traditional devices.

Microsoft’s Chrome OS

Windows 10X aims to be the ultralight version of Windows 10 prepared specifically for laptops with less power. In other words, the market Google has focused on with Chrome OS over the last few years.

In the images and videos published, you can see how Microsoft has greatly simplified the interface to make it lighter and consequently less resource-intensive. For example, Live Tiles have disappeared and we only have a list of recent applications and documents. The Home Menu now acts more like an application launcher, with an internal Bing search engine to find documents and apps quickly.

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Windows 10X

The apps par excellence are going to be the Progressive Web Apps. They can be installed directly from the Edge browser and can be docked inside the taskbar. Speaking of the taskbar, it has been greatly simplified to show just the time and when you open it we have a series of controls to quickly configure the computer.

Windows 10X

On the other hand, it is remarkable the simplification of the windows in the operating system. They stop being able to move freely on the screen and now they must be full screen, sharing the screen with another app or minimized. Finally, the new file browser stands out, which does not allow access to data locally and emphasizes the use of OneDrive. It is part of Microsoft’s idea to offer an operating system more in the cloud than ever before, with web apps and cloud storage among other things.

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