Tuesday, February 18, 2020
LibreOffice Vs Microsoft Office: The Most Important Differences

LibreOffice Vs Microsoft Office: The Most Important Differences

Microsoft Office and LibreOffice are the two most widely used office suites today and offer very similar features. Therefore, there may be...

Google Sycamore is the world’s fastest supercomputer; see model photos

Google recently said that they had achieved quantum supremacy, a milestone that indicates the technology's ability to solve unfeasible calculations for ordinary...
Windows 10X

Windows 10X: Everything You Need to Know About The Windows 10...

Windows 10X is a new Microsoft operating system for notebooks with multiple screens. The novelty takes advantage of the features of Windows...

HP OMEN X 2S: A Gaming Laptop with Liquid Metal Cooling

One of the most determining aspects when buying a new gaming laptop is ventilation and refrigeration, especially if you are going to...
Google Chrome

10 Essential Extensions for Google Chrome Browser

Chrome is a fast, well-designed web browser with many interesting features, but as usual, nothing is perfect for users. The greatest virtue...

Lenovo Yoga C940: Features, Price, and Reviews

One year after the launch of Lenovo Yoga C930, the company is back in business with a new model, the Yoga C940....
Lenovo Yoga S740

Lenovo Yoga S740 Arrives with 4K Screen and Alexa

The IFA Berlin events gave us many promises on what different manufacturers had in stores for their users. One of the manufacturer...
ConceptD Pro Laptops

Acer Presents the New ConceptD Pro Laptops with GPU NVIDIA Quadro

They are expert laptops for expert users. That's the new ConceptD Pro series of notebooks with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs that Acer just...
Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3: Features, Price, and Review

Acer has taken advantage of the IFA in Berlin to unveil new computers, including the new generation of Acer Swift 3 laptops....
Chrome flags

30 Google Chrome Flags to Improve Browser Speed

Google Chrome flags are defined as a series of commands that allow us to interact with some hidden functions in the browser....

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