Friday, September 18, 2020
FIFA 21 Van Dijk

FIFA 21: Launch Date, Prices, Trailer, and More Details

FIFA 21 was announced by EA Games last Thursday (18) with a new generation trailer and some news about the game. The...
ios 14

iOS 14: Everything You Need to Know About the New Update

Apple's big day at the software level comes with every developer's conference and WWDC 2020 has been able to be held like...
Xiaomi Mi Band 4

7 Alternatives to Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi's Mi Band 4 (also known as My Smart Band 4) has been one of the best selling smart bracelets in the...

13 Cheap Gadgets You Can Buy in 2020

There are times when we buy certain gadgets without thinking twice. It could be because they are a good offer, or because...
WhatsApp Business Account

What is a Business Account in WhatsApp? 5 Questions and Answers

WhatsApp Business is the unique messenger version for businesses to create a business account. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), this WhatsApp...
Intel Core 10th generation: here are the details of the first 'Ice Lake' microprocessors

How to choose the Right Processor? See tips before you buy

Choosing the right processor for your computer is very important. Depending on the type of use you want and the hardware available,...
Google Meet

Google Meet: This is how the Zoom Alternative Works

Group video calling applications are succeeding in these times of quarantine. One of the most successful has been Zoom. However, Google has...
5 Smartwatches Under $150 You can Buy on Amazon

5 Smartwatches Under $150 You can Buy on Amazon

The market for smartwatches is at its best. Today it is possible to find cheap options for $150 or less. Brands like...
5 Alternatives to Google Chromecast in 2020

5 Alternatives to Google Chromecast in 2020

These days it's hard to get hold of a new TV that doesn't have an Internet connection. Smart TVs abound in such...
Top 10 Best-selling PlayStation 2 Games of All Time

Top 10 Best-selling PlayStation 2 Games of All Time

PlayStation 2, or PS2, is one of the best-selling consoles of all time, with over 155 million units sold worldwide. The large...

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