Monday, April 6, 2020
Denom Home 150

Denon Home 150: Play Your Music From Anywhere

They say that music is essential to our lives. And we could add that even more now since we're going to be...
DLSS 2.0

DLSS 2.0: New Nvidia Technology Delivers Crisp Images and Higher FPS

Nvidia announced DLSS 2.0 on Monday 23, 2020, a new imaging technology that will arrive on RTX 20 video cards. The...
Coronavirus Quarantine: 6 Ways to Entertain Kids Online

Coronavirus Quarantine: 6 Ways to Entertain Kids Online

The Coronavirus Quarantine must also be respected by the children, even resulting in the suspension of schools or classes. With children at...
4 Steps To Choosing the right tv size

4 Steps to Choosing the Right TV Size for you

Choosing the right TV size for your home is an important task. Brands such as Samsung, LG, TCL, and Sony, among others,...

What is QLED? Learn all about the Technology used in TVs

QLED is a technology present on Samsung and TCL TV screens, competing directly with OLED displays, present on LG, Sony models, among...
Coronavirus Quarantine

10 Online Activities To Do During CoronaVirus Quarantine

The quarantine of the coronavirus, a period of isolation recommended by the health agencies, is keeping adults and children away from their...
10 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives Online

10 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives Online

Editing images and photos to share them on social networks, or simply retouching a photo that hasn't turned out the way you...
5 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online and Surf without Leaving a Trace

5 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online and Surf without Leaving...

Protecting your privacy while surfing the Internet may seem difficult, but there are several tools available to prevent the tracking of your...
Samsung QLED Q800T

Samsung QLED Q800T: Features, Reviews, and Prices

Samsung is one of the manufacturers that has committed more to TVs with 8K resolution. The Samsung QLED Q900R was one of...

What is Bloatware and How Do I Remove It?

Bloatware is a factory pre-installed application that comes with smartphones and computers. They can be present on Android phones, iPhone (iOS) and...

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