Sunday, October 24, 2021

What are NFTs: the Digital Assets that Transforms the Collection of...

At the age of 15, Mark Cuban realized he could profit from the philatelic market. Prices varied so widely and there were...

What is Dogecoin, how does it work and why has it...

We are going to explain what exactly is Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency in trend in recent weeks after receiving the explicit support of...

Best Apps for Investing in Bitcoin and Etherium

We recently talked about some of the pros and cons of buying bitcoins in 2021, something that many have considered due to...

Is It Worth Investing in Bitcoin in 2021? See Pros and...

On January 7, bitcoin surpassed the $40,000 barrier for the first time in history. Due to the interest generated by the news,...
PayPal and Crypto

PayPal allows Buying, Hodling and Selling with Crypto-currencies

PayPal has just announced a potentially interesting move: the launch of a service that will allow customers to buy, hodl, and sell...

How Algorand solves the Blockchain Trilemma without compromise

Blockchains may have a lot of advantages, but it seems that there are some flaws in them. When Bitcoin was created more...
Financial Sector development

Algorand: Pushing Blockchain Adoption Across the Financial Sector

Algorand is a next-generation blockchain architecture that focuses on pushing blockchain adoption across various sectors of the economy, especially the financial sector.

Industries Utilizing Algorand Blockchain

Blockchain technology is becoming the preferred technologies developed since it has all the features that every system wants, to perform efficiently. 
Algorand Chess

Algorand, The First Ever Blockchain used to Record Chess

The chess game dates back to as far as 1500 years ago, as a unique game which requires strategy and tactics to...

Algorand Supports Pocket Network’s Next Generation Decentralized Infrastructure

The announcement of support by Algorand for Pocket Network is such a big news that will make a life-changing impact in the...

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