Saturday, September 18, 2021

Algorand Supports Pocket Network’s Next Generation Decentralized Infrastructure

The announcement of support by Algorand for Pocket Network is such a big news that will make a life-changing impact in the...

Cryptocurrencies: what they are, how they work, and what others exist...

We are going to explain to you exactly what cryptocurrencies are so that if you have heard of them in general or...

Reasons why 2020 is the Best Year to Invest in Bitcoin

Predicting the evolution of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is a little less than impossible. Just a few hours ago we saw how...
Algorand Chess

Algorand, The First Ever Blockchain used to Record Chess

The chess game dates back to as far as 1500 years ago, as a unique game which requires strategy and tactics to...
Hard disk

What is Chia cryptocurrency and why is it causing hard drive...

Hard disk drives are the new gold. That's what the remarkable price increases of conventional drives and also SSDs in Asia, where...

Algorand: The Convenient and Efficient Democratic Public Ledger

A ledger is an official or authorized file for documenting and calculating economic transactions that occur in a financial account. A public...

Industries Utilizing Algorand Blockchain

Blockchain technology is becoming the preferred technologies developed since it has all the features that every system wants, to perform efficiently. 
USB Keychain

Hackers have a new method for stealing Bitcoin

When storing cryptocurrencies the security behind them is the password we have and how well we store it so that others cannot...

Algorand Partners and Holders to Benefit from Verady’s Financial Reporting Tools

Algorand, the world’s first open-source permissionless blockchain is leveraging verady’s ledgible blockchain to provide auditing and accounting of its asset and also...
Financial Sector development

Algorand: Pushing Blockchain Adoption Across the Financial Sector

Algorand is a next-generation blockchain architecture that focuses on pushing blockchain adoption across various sectors of the economy, especially the financial sector.

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