Google has recently updated its browser to version 77 with new features that range from sending tabs to our devices to creating our themes.

One of the most attractive features of Chrome was the ability to customize its visual appearance as we wanted. However, until now, it was always necessary to have to resort to third-party tools or extensions, since Google did not provide a native function for this task, unfortunately.

If we wanted a theme for Google Chrome, we always had to go to the Chrome Web Store. Later, Chrome introduced the option to change the background, but without being able to edit the colors of the interface.

Now the situation has changed since they have added the specific button “Customize” in the lower right when we open a new browser tab. When you click on it, a new menu will be displayed to customize the page as we want. A fairly intuitive menu where we can customize even the shortcuts and icons that appear on the screen.

In this article, we will discuss the enormous possibilities that this new Chrome function contains. We can make our browser window look as we like. The limit is our imagination.

Editing Assistant

As we said, Google already offers the possibility to choose the colors of the interface and change the browser background natively. We can choose one that Google offers by default, or select a color that we particularly like.

If you open it from a new user account, or when you just installed it for the first time on our computer, the editing assistant will welcome you. From there, you have to follow your instructions during the browser customization process. This assistant has three options, namely:

  • Add Google apps like Gmail, Drive, or YouTube to bookmarks.
  • Choose wallpaper for pop-up tabs.
  • Sign in with a Google account.
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Finally, we have to choose which one we want to start working with. In our case, we will get to work with the design of new open tabs.

Customize Google Chrome

Before starting to do anything, the first step will be to activate this function, since it is not stably integrated, for now. But calm down, it’s super simple. We will only have to keep the flag activated to observe the changes made, both in the section of new tabs and in the selection of new colors for your themes.

Through these three links that we provide below, you must copy and paste each one in the address bar of the browser:

  • Chrome://flags/#ntp-customization-menu-v2
  • Chrome://flags/#chrome-colors-custom-color-picker
  • Chrome://flags/#chrome-color

Each of the above links will lead you to their respective Google Chrome flags. Finally, you must choose the “Enabled” option in the drop-down menu. The changes will only be applied after you restart Google Chrome instantly or later.


Click on the ‘Customize’ button on the bottom right, to display the panel for the editing options. The first one is “Chrome Backgrounds.”

There is an option to choose between the different themes that Chrome suggests by default. However, you can directly upload your image to use it as a background page by clicking on the second option. Also, we can alternate between the different selected repositories if we activate the “Update every day” function. In this way, we will avoid getting too tired of the same design.

Key Combinations

Within this new interface, we will find more customization options for the new tabs. On the one hand, you can hide the shortcuts, so that they will not be shown on the page you have opened. Or we can choose between two types:

  • My shortcuts: manually selected by you from those pages that you usually frequent.
  • Most visited websites: Chrome configures the websites you visit most.
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Colors and Themes

After activating the corresponding flag, the brand new Chrome theme editor will appear. As you can see, we can choose to choose the different color palettes suggested by the browser, or access the customization window through the icon with a pencil.

A series of basic color combinations will be shown in the Chrome interface, thus freely customizing our range of colors by clicking on the “Add to custom colors” button.

Other Functions

It does not hurt to review other features of the Chrome 77 update. One of them is the possibility of sending pages to our mobile devices and losing the contents we were seeing when closing the computer.

Concerning security fixes, Chrome 77 integrates up to 52 patches that come to alleviate many vulnerabilities categorized between critical, high, and medium priority and low impact.

Finally, it also incorporates several tools for developers, as well as several energy-saving options.

You already have everything you need to know to squeeze the possibilities offered by the Google Chrome theme editor, thanks to its latest update. Don’t doubt that things have been simplified, and our interface will now look like never before.

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