The FIFA franchise games, soccer simulator from EA Sports, prohibit the practice of farming. The technique is used by players to get coins faster in the Ultimate Team (UT) mode, the flagship of the game. The practice, however, can lead to permanent banishment of the player, depending on his or her history. Below, understand what is farming in the game and the punishments for offenders. Remember that FIFA 21, the latest release, is available in physical and digital versions for download on Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, Playstation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series, and PC (Steam and Origin).

What is Farming in FIFA games?

FIFA 21 Coin

Farming is a quick and illegal way to collect coins in Ultimate Team mode by using bots in the UT Transfer Market or matches. The function of the bot is to make the game think that the player is playing when in reality they are not. In this way, the user accumulates coins unfairly, without actually winning the matches.

Why is it Prohibited?

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According to Electronic Arts, farming is a fast and illegal way to accumulate coins in UT. Coin collecting through the use of robots in the Transfer Market or disconnecting from the game, a recurring problem in competitive Weekend League, are unfair practices that circumvent the game system. The developer reminds that storing coins in Ultimate Team is not a problem, as long as they are earned honestly.

In the game’s User Agreement, the developer also bars “using or distributing unauthorized software, such as ‘automatic’ software that uses ‘macros’, ‘cheat utility’ applications or any other software or tools to hack, alter or cheat in a game.

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FIFA 21 Weekend League Rewards

To ensure an enjoyable and fair FIFA experience, EA Sports has established a series of punishments for those who practice something prohibited in the game, such as farming. The player can lose his or her stats and rewards from FUT Champions, the franchise’s competitive game, have his UT club and coins deleted, lose access to the franchise’s online modes, and even be banned from EA’s games, depending on the severity and recurrence of the act. The company reiterates that it may also restrict a player’s access or privileges in other ways in the game.

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