FIFA 21 is the new release of the franchise developed by Electronic Arts (EA). Available in physical and digital media for download on Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam), and in the future for Playstation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X and Series S, the game without crossplay has a release date of October 9, 2020. With the arrival of the game, the competitive game, EA Sports FIFA 21 Global Series, scheduled to begin in November, is coming with news for players around the world. Check out, below, the new formats and the main changes in the FIFA game.

Regional Division

In FIFA 21, players will be classified according to their country of residence, only the region corresponding to the country or territory of residence will be valid. It will not be allowed to change the region of competition from the beginning of the season. Currently, the Global Series has six regions: Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, West Asia, and East Asia and South Africa – the South African country will have its qualifier but will join the region in the Regional Playoffs.

The big news of this season is the entrance of new countries to FIFA’s competition season. Bolivia, Costa Rica, and India are the new nations in the Global Series. With the addition of India, the West Asian region replaces the Middle East and Africa. Egypt, Israel, and Turkey, which were part of the Middle East and Africa region, will join Europe.

Regional Ranking and Playoffs

Regional Ranking and Playoffs

From this Global Series, each region will have its ranking, according to the platform supported in that region, instead of a global ranking. The points of each location will be based on the number of qualifiers and the number of players. The regional leaderboards will define who will play the Playoffs. Through the online leaderboards, players accumulate points to reach the Regional Playoffs. The eChampions League and CONMEBOL eLibertadores will be the tournaments for Europe and South America, respectively, whose information will be available soon.

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The new generation of consoles will not be included in the FIFA 21 Global Series. Because it’s a transition moment and the release of the new videogames will come during the season, EA preferred to keep only PS4 and Xbox One in the competition. Due to the low number of players checked for online qualifiers, Oceania, East Asia, and West Asia, and South Africa will have exclusive competitions on the Sony console.

How to participate in the Global Series

The first step is to register between October 9th and December 31st, 2020, following the official EA rules. After that, the player must get the verification in FUT Champions, winning at least 27 matches in the same Weekend League, in Ultimate Team mode. Each victory in the Weekend League will give the player one point – thirty points maximum – in the Global Series regional ranking.

From the check, the player earns a seat in the Regional Playoffs to compete in the Online Qualifiers, which will give players points for the Global Series point ranking. Each region will have its qualifiers. Europe and the Americas will have five qualifiers, while the other regions will have only three. An important detail is the end of the Swiss system in online events, but for Regional Playoffs with 16 or more participants, it will remain. Also, the player can represent a club in the EA Domestic Leagues to play the Global Series.

Awards and Vacancies

This season, EA will distribute, among Qualifiers, Regional Playoffs, eChampions League, and CONMEBOL eLibertadores, US$ 3 million in prizes, more than US$ 1 million more than last season. A large amount of the award will be destined to the Regional Playoffs, the total value will be US$ 1.5 million. About the slots for the Regional Playoffs, Europe has the largest number, with 64 on both platforms.

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Regional Playoffs

RegionPlatformPlayersTotal PrizeFirst place
EuropeXbox one64$400k$100k
North AmericaPS416$100k$40k
North AmericaXbox one16$100k$40k
South AmericaPS432$200k$75k
South AmericaXbox one16$100k$40k
West Asia and South AfricaPS48$100k$40k
Eastern AsiaPS48$50k$20k
Source: EA Pitch Notes


Season Calendar

Covering all competitions, the first “preseason” tournaments will be Twitch Rivals Preseason Invitational, between this Saturday (3) and Monday (5); YouTube Creators Cup, on October 8; and FIFA 21 Challenge, on October 29. Probably all these championships for influencers only. The first Online Qualifiers are scheduled for October 21 and 22 in South America and Western Asia and Africa, November 28 and 29 in Europe, and December 12 and 13 in the other regions closing the year 2020. FIFA Major tournaments such as eNations Cup, eClub World Cup, and eWorld Cup will be announced by FIFA at a later date.

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