Football Manager 2020 is the latest chapter in the classic football club management series and has a release date set for November 19 on PC and Mac with both physical and digital versions. In addition to the traditional edition of the PC and Mac game, there will be in November the Football Manager 2020 Mobile version for Android and iOS, and the simplified Football Manager 2020 Touch version for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, with a Nintendo Switch version on a date, not yet set. The game will also be present at the launch of Google Stadia.

In Football Manager 2020 the player runs his own football club from finance to team management. It is possible to hire new players, keep an eye out for new talent, define how athletes will be trained, and raise overall team morale during motivational speeches. The 2020 version would bring a new feature which is the possibility to ask for video assistance during matches, the famous VAR, to confirm certain decisions of the judge.

Players who pre-order the game from authorized Sega retailers, such as the Steam digital store, will be able to access a beta about two weeks before the game’s PC release, plus a 10% off purchase.

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