Samsung recently announced the smart Galaxy Fit 2 bracelet. The successor to the smart band Galaxy Fit brought an update on the previous generation: it comes with a 1.1-inch 3D screen and a battery that is expected to last up to 21 days away from the outlets. Both devices feature several exercise modes as well as water resistance. Check below what changes in the specifications of the devices.

The first generation of Galaxy Fit was launched in June 2019 for the suggested price of $66 but is no longer available on the official website of the South Korean giant. Galaxy Fit 2 should arrive in October in European countries for 47 euros, but Samsung hasn’t revealed the official value yet.

Screen and Design

Galaxy Fit 2 has changed little in appearance and looks a lot like the previous model. The difference is that the screen had a jump in size. It now comes with a 1.1-inch 3D AMOLED display – larger and promising higher quality than the 0.95-inch Galaxy Fit panel.

Despite this, the new bracelet manages to be smaller than the old one and still brings a color display with up to 70 different faces.

Sensors and Connectivity

In that respect, Galaxy Fit 2 has not changed much. It comes with the same sensors as the previous generation. Both have the function of measuring heart rate, as well as being able to account for the distinct steps and movements of different activities, including swimming.

Bluetooth 5.0 has been maintained to connect with Android and iOS cellular systems. They also come with standard USB-C input and cable. However, the two wristbands owe the GPS.

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Features and Durability


Both bracelets have monitors to monitor about 90 physical activities and heart rate. They also display notifications and short messages. However, they have no storage space and cannot play music.

They are made with a rubberized finish ideal for physical exercise and are lightweight. Galaxy Fit 2 weighs 21 grams, while its predecessor weighs 15 grams. Because it is made of rubber, they tend to last for a long time. Another interesting point is that the devices are certified with military durability.


Galaxy Fit 2 comes with a larger 159 mAh battery, which can supply power for 15 to 21 days on a single charge, according to the manufacturer. The previous bracelet came with 120 mAh which promises to offer autonomy for up to 7 days of constant use or up to 11 days with moderate use.

Water Resistance

Both models have an IP68 rating, which ensures water resistance up to 5 ATM, that is, 50 meters deep. Samsung states that the user can use both versions of the device without worrying about dust or rain. Although the bracelets come with swimming mode, it is not recommended to dive the devices.


Galaxy Fit is currently available on Amazon for $69. The second generation is expected to start to be commercialized in October. Rumors are that the bracelet will be sold for 47 euros in Europe, but Samsung has not confirmed the information. There is no expected arrival of Galaxy Fit 2.

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