The Galaxy S20 Ultra has taken over the world’s most powerful Android position, according to the ranking prepared by AnTuTu in March. Asus’ ROG Phone 2 smartphone came in first place for six consecutive months but went to fifth place in this month’s list giving way to Galaxy S20 phones.

The ranking serves as a parameter for the market since it reveals the computational capacity of the most sought after devices. The data collection period for the current report was March 1-31. The rankings occur in two categories: premium and intermediate.

Samsung’s launches already recorded expressive scores in the previous result, but the platform did not include them in the February ranking because the user base was still small to calculate the average performance. In the first ten positions, Galaxy S20 family cell phones appear in six positions. In the list of mid-range phones, Redmi Note 8 Pro continues in the lead for the third month in a row.

Recently the South Korean giant was the target of a petition by users dissatisfied with the Exynos processor on its mobile phones. The request was for the company to exclusively use Snapdragon line chips, provided by Qualcomm. The platform’s results support the customers’ complaints, as Samsung’s Snapdragon 865 phones did better than Exynos 990 processor smartphones.

Galaxy S20 line dominates the top of the line mobile ranking

The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G won the gold medal in the premium mobile phone ranking with an average score of 562,262. The most striking version of the South Korean mobile with Snapdragon 865, 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage was the best. In addition to cutting-edge performance, another highlight of the smartphone is the photo set with up to 108 MP sensor and up to 100x zoom.

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From second to fourth place mobile phones are also all from the S20 family. With the silver medal, the Galaxy S20 Plus 5G features 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of data space. It also features the Snapdragon 865, totaling 549,904 points. Following the rankings, the S20 Ultra comes out, this time with 128 GB internal memory and Exynos 990. The smartphone has 12 GB of RAM and records 519,297 points. The fourth place is the Galaxy S20 Plus with limited space, with 128 GB, and 12 GB of RAM. The smartphone features 5G technology and Exynos 990 processor, scoring 516,138.

In fifth place is the smartphone that has previously been at the top, ROG Phone 2, also with 12 GB of RAM, and internal memory of 512 GB. Sixth to tenth place is 8 GB of RAM, except for realme X2 Pro 12, which has 12 GB. That’s them: Galaxy S20, S20 Plus (both with 128 GB of internal memory), OnePlus 7T, realme X2 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro.

AnTuTu Ranking: high-end cell phones

PositionMobile phoneSpecifications (CPU + RAM + storage)Score
1Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSnapdragon 865 + 12 GB + 256 GB562,262
2Galaxy S20 PlusSnapdragon 865 + 12 GB + 256 GB549,904
3Galaxy Ultra 5GExynos 990 + 12 GB + 128 GB519,217
4Galaxy S20 Plus 5GExynos 990 + 12 GB + 128 GB516,138
5ROG Phone 2Snapdragon 855 Plus + 12 GB + 512 GB510,080
6Galaxy S20Exynos 990 + 8 GB + 128 GB502,688
7Galaxy S20 PlusExynos 990 + 8 GB + 128 GB502,264
8OnePlus 7TSnapdragon 855 Plus + 8 GB + 256 GB495,917
9realme X2 ProSnapdragon 855 Plus + 12 GB + 256 GB484,902
10OnePlus 7 ProSnapdragon 855 + 8 GB + 256 GB478,644
Source: AnTuTu Benchmark (March / 2020)

Redmi Note 8 Pro continues to lead among midranges

Redmi Note 8 Pro remains at the top of the mid-range mobile phone ranking in March. With 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, the smartphone uses MediaTek’s Helio G90T processor and received a score of 292,510.

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Xiaomi is also in second and third place with Mi Note 10 and Mi 9T. The vice-leader brings specifications such as 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of data space, while the Mi 9T, which uses the same Snapdragon 730 as the Galaxy A71, has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, totaling 268,759 and 265,231 points respectively.

According to the classification, the seven subsequent products are Galaxy A71, realme X2, Mi Note 10, Galaxy A80, realme Q, realme XT, and Mi 9 SE.

AnTuTu Ranking: Mid-range Mobile phones

PositionMobile phoneSpecifications (CPU + RAM + storage)Score
1Redmi Note 8 ProHelio G90T + 6 GB + 128 GB292,510
2Mi Note 10 ProSnapdragon 730G + 8 GB + 256 GB268,759
3Mi 9TSnapdragon 730 + 6 GB + 126 GB265,231
4Galaxy A71Snapdragon 730 + 6 GB + 128 GB265,041
5realme X2Snapdragon 730G + 6 GB + 64 GB265,028
6Mi Note 10Snapdragon 730G + 6 GB + 128 GB264,493
7Galaxy A80Snapdragon 730 + 8 GB + 128 GB250,658
8realme QSnapdragon 712 + 8 GB + 128 GB233,869
9realme XTSnapdragon 712 + 8 GB + 128 GB232,178
10Mi 9 SESnapdragon 712 + 6 GB + 128 GB226,183
Source: AnTuTu Benchmark (March / 2020)

AnTuTu benchmark applications have been excluded from the Play Store, which causes uncertainty regarding the next platform rankings. According to Google, the company belongs to Cheetah Mobile, which is forbidden to make apps available in the store for violating the usage policy several times. This link between the companies is supported by the Chinese database Tianyancha, which identifies Fu Sheng as president of both Beijing AnTuTu Technology Co. and Cheetah Mobile. AnTuTu, however, claims that the information does not proceed.

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