In the app stores we usually find different business models: free apps, free apps with in-app purchases, paid apps, subscription apps. All of these methods are cool but Google is planning to add a new one: a general subscription to access a complete list of paid apps and games. Apple will do the same with the video games in October thanks to ‘Apple Arcade’ and Google is planning a very similar path with ‘Google Play Pass’.

As Android Police has been able to find out, Google is testing this new subscription service that would allow access to “hundreds of premium apps and games, without ads or in-app purchases.” All in exchange for $4.99 plus taxes. Of course, the price could vary if it is launched definitively for all users and depending on the country. A Google manager has confirmed that this service is undergoing tests.

Last year the first signs of this service appeared. It first appeared in a Google Opinion Rewards survey and later in the Google Play source code. Now we have screenshots of the service in test mode for some users.

A monthly payment, hundreds of games and apps

As you can see in the images ‘Google Play Pass’ will have “a selected list of puzzle games to premium music apps and everything in between.” Google does not specify the entire list but includes games, music apps, health apps and in principle a variety of Google Play categories. In the images appear games like ‘Threes’, ‘Stardew Valley’, ‘Marvel Pinball’, ‘Monument Valley’, ‘Limbo’, ‘An Old’s Man Journey’ and ‘Life is Strange’.

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Here what you have to keep in mind is that they are selected apps and games, you don’t get access to everything that is paid on Google Play. This is because (if it’s like Apple Arcade) Google has to reach agreements with each of the developers to include their apps and games in the list. Probably pure content apps such as Netflix or Spotify are not within ‘Google Play Pass’, although it is odd that one of the screenshots shows “premium music apps”.

At the moment the service is in tests and for only a limited number of users. The price may also vary base on your location or the chosen plan (there is for example family plan). In any case, 10 free trial days are offered to experiment with the service.

$4.99 per month is moderately a cheap subscription if Google finally uses this price. Everything will depend on the games and applications that it includes. Extrapolating things, it is rumored that ‘Apple Arcade’, when it arrives in the fall, will cost approximately 10 dollars and it is known that it will only include “hundreds of games”, not apps.

Images via Android Police

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