Google announced this Thursday (26) new features for Google Maps dedicated to users who need private cars to get around. One of them is a specific navigation mode for motorcycle routes, which is already available in the app for Android and iPhone (iOS). The feature allows you to search for a route for motorcycles and compare the duration with the time taken on the car route. In addition, in the coming days, the app will receive the “Stay Safer” feature, which will notify you when the Uber driver leaves his original route.

The new navigation mode for motorcycles will be another section next to the options of car, bicycle, public transport, transportation app and walking on Google Maps. The goal is to show routes that can only be traveled by two-wheeled vehicles, possibly with reduced time compared to the route normally suggested for larger vehicles.

The novelty has the potential to help improve the flow of motorcycles around the world. According to Google, the function can be useful both for professionals who use motorcycles as a work tool and for those who also have a car but need to know whether to leave home with car or motorcycle in order to reach the destination more easily or quickly.

When choosing to leave home with application car, the “Stay Safer” feature will monitor the route set on the mobile phone and notify if the driver leaves the route. If there is a detour of more than 500 meters, the app will send a notification to show the location of the vehicle and allow comparison with the original route. To do this, simply activate the “Detour Alerts” function. In case of an emergency, the user can use the location sharing to notify a trusted contact.

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