Enabling JavaScript on your phone is possible with the Chrome for Android application. As a security measure, Google can block or prevent the login of your account in browsers that do not have JavaScript enabled and, to proceed with the action, it is necessary to activate it on the phone. In the tutorial below, Techidence teaches how to activate the option in Chrome. It is worth remembering that, by default, the function is already enabled on the iPhone (iOS) and iPad.

Chrome 3 dots

Step 1: To activate JavaScript in Chrome, open the browser and then touch the top-right menu symbolized by the reticence (3 dots) and select “Settings”;

Site settings

Step 2: Then slide the screen down and in “Advanced” touch the “Site Settings” option. Now click on “JavaScript” and activate the switch next to the option. When it turns blue it means that the option has been activated;

JavaScript enabled

Step 3: If you want to disable JavaScript, just follow the same steps described above and touch the switch a second time to disable it.

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