WhatsApp notifications can disturb users when they come in too often. Also, for those who want more privacy, it can be interesting to remove the lock screen alerts from your phone or computer desktop in WhatsApp Web. This way you can prevent prying eyes from reading your messages in the application, and get rid of annoying chat alerts.

With this in mind, Techidence has prepared a list of five different ways to get notification from WhatsApp, both on your phone and on your computer. Below you can check how to remove the notifications and mute groups and conversations on Android and iPhone (iOS) or, if you prefer, disable all notifications from WhatsApp.

1. Hide from the Lock Screen

Hide from the Lock Screen on Android

You can take WhatsApp notification off the mobile phone lock screen and thereby prevent others from reading the content of messages available in messenger notifications. To do this, on Android, access the smartphone settings, and tap on “Apps”. Then go to “Notifications” and “On the Lock Screen”. From there, you can “Hide content” of the messages or “do not show notifications”, so that they no longer appear on the phone’s lock screen.

Hide from the Lock Screen on iPhone

On the iPhone, you have to access the “Settings” and touch the “Notifications” option. Look for the WhatsApp icon, touch it and then deactivate the notifications in the “Locked Screen” option.

2. Remove warning from WhatsApp Web

The warning “WhatsApp Web is currently active” is fixed on the screen of the Android phone whenever the web version of the messenger is being used by the PC. The notification can bother some users and there is a trick to remove it. The feature can only be accessed by those who have Android 8.0 or higher Android OS and to remove the notification just slide the notification to the right and touch the cog that appears next.

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The app will list the alert options in the messenger. To take the WhatsApp notification off the screen, tap on “Other notifications”. There, the app will no longer send that type of alert, while the others remain unchanged.

3. Disable all application notifications

Disable all application notifications

For those who are tired of receiving any notification from the application, it is also possible to remove them all at once. To do this, on the Android phone, go to the smartphone settings and touch “Apps”. Then go to “Notifications” and search for the WhatsApp icon. To no longer receive the alerts from the messenger, you can “hide sensitive notification content” or just click on the “Don’t show notifications at all” switch.

On the iPhone, the procedure is similar: go to the “Settings” of the phone and touch the “Notification Center” option. Search through WhatsApp, tap on the messenger, and then disable the alert options on the iPhone. You can disable the notifications that come as banners and alerts in “Alert Style”, disable the sounds and warnings that appear in the Notification Center and on the phone lock screen.

4. Mute notifications of specific conversations

Mute notifications for contacts

You can also silence notifications from specific conversations or groups in WhatsApp. To do this, tap on the contact and then on the top menu of the chat, represented by the reticences in the top right corner. Then go to “View contact” and look for the option “Mute notifications”. You can indicate the period in which you will not receive the notifications, which can last eight hours or up to a year.

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Mute notifications for group

For groups, the procedure is the same. The only difference is that, instead of searching for “See contact” in the group menu, the option to choose is “Group info”.

5. Remove desktop notifications from WhatsApp Web

Remove desktop notifications from WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web notification is an option for users who are bothered by notifications coming from their computer desktop. To disable them, you must access the web messenger settings and then tap on the “Notifications” option. Then uncheck the “Desktop alerts” and “Deactivate all desktop notifications” options. There you can also deactivate the notifications sounds.

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