The dark mode is available in more and more applications. This is a very interesting feature, which allows us to darken the screen of the electronic devices we are using to reduce glare. In this article, we explain how you can activate the dark mode in the WhatsApp Web in a very simple way.

Step by Step Guide on How to use Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

The dark mode has already reached applications such as Twitter, Gmail, Google Play and Telegram. However, WhatsApp continues to resist the addition of dark mode, both in its smartphone application and in the Whatsapp Web service, which we can use on our computers.

Facebook is known to be working on this new functionality, which has already been added to some sections of the social network interface. However, we don’t know the company’s plans, so we don’t know if WhatsApp Web is going to get the dark mode in the near future or not.

For now, we can resort to a very simple trick that works on Chrome and Firefox. Here’s how it’s done step by step:

For Chrome

Stylus Extension

You will need to install the Stylus extension and a separate theme for it. You can get the Stylus at the official Chrome Web site. Once installed, get the theme by clicking on “Install Style”.


You can now open WhatsApp Web and the dark theme should be activated immediately.

WhatsApp - How To Enable / Disable ...
WhatsApp - How To Enable / Disable Dark Mode
For Firefox

The procedure for Firefox is more or less the same as for Chrome. Here are the steps to follow

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Get Stylus from the official Mozilla site. Then install the dark theme as we did before with Chrome.

That’s it, with these simple steps you can also activate the dark mode in Firefox.

How to Turn Off WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

The best thing about the Stylus extension is that it allows you to switch effortlessly between dark mode and the standard theme by clicking on the Pencil button in the top right corner of your browser, and checking the “Turn all styles off” box.


It’s that easy to turn off dark mode on WhatsApp web if you’re a user of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Remember that you can share this article on social networks to help more users who need it

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