The gift card is a prepaid card that contains credits to be used in online services such as Spotify, Steam, and Netflix. Also, they are widely used to buy games and game items without the need for a credit card. There are different types of gift cards. Users can buy the physical cards in retail stores, receive the code when buying on e-commerce stores, or even generate virtual cards on the platforms of some services.

As there are gift cards for several platforms, the card is a good option to give as a gift to friends and family. Besides, the tool can be used as a way to control the monthly expenses of the credit card with subscriptions. In this article, Techidence has gathered 7 questions and answers about the gift cards. Understand what technology is and how it works.

1. What is a Gift Card?

Gift Card

The gift card is a card that works as a prepaid recharge to make online purchases in stores, streaming platforms, applications with paid services, and games. It is possible to find cards with different credit values, which makes it a good option to give as a gift because the user can choose the best way to use it on that service.

2. How to use a Gift Card?

How to use a Gift Card

After buying a gift card, the user must register it to use the credits. To do so, you must enter the site specified during the purchase or behind the card and fill out the PIN of the gift card. The procedure is very similar in services like Steam, Netflix, Amazon, PSN, Spotify, Google Play, LOL, Xbox One, among others. Just follow the instructions of each card.

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After entering the code, the value of the gift card is available as an online balance to make purchases within the sites and services. In games, the value of the card is converted to the local currency, like diamonds in Free Fire. The Google Play and Steam cards, for example, can be used to buy applications and games from the platforms.

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3. Where to Buy Gift Cards?

Buy Gift Cards

It is possible to buy gift cards from several brands in physical and virtual stores. Raise, for example, is one of the options that sell the gift card for Google Play, Steam, Netflix, and others in e-commerce and stores. Besides it, it is possible to buy gift cards at GiftCardsExtraGiftsCardPool, and other retail stores.

4. Is it Possible to Redeem a Used Gift Card?

Redeem a Used Gift Card

It is not possible to redeem a used gift card, because each gift card has a unique code. After entering the PIN of the card purchased, it loses its validity and the value can only be used within the platform with the user’s login data. Also, the online balance of some gift cards expires after a period determined by the company.

5. What is a Gift Card Generator?

Amazon Gift Card Generator

The gift card generator is an online tool to create gift card codes and use them without having to wait for the product purchased on the Internet to arrive or go to the physical store. Some companies offer the option to generate the PIN for subscribers. Besides, there are gift card generators that create codes for free, but the practice is not recommended. However, sometimes the PIN may not work and be a fraud, so always be careful.

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6. What are the Advantages of Using a Gift Card?

People who use a gift card are offered some advantages. For subscription services, such as Netflix and Spotify, for example, the user can buy a card that is equivalent to a six-month subscription. Therefore, it becomes prepaid, it is not necessary to make the payment every month and, after the expiration date, the subscription is canceled.

For store and game gift cards, the advantage is being able to buy products and services with the available balance, which avoids spending more than expected. Besides, the gift card is a way for parents to control what their children spend on gaming platforms, such as Steam, for example.

7. What is an e-gift card?

e-gift card

The e-gift card works in the same way as the gift card, but it does not have the physical version. It is possible to buy the e-gift card on the Internet, within the website of some services, and it is sent to the person presented by email. At Amazon, for example, you can personalize the image of the virtual gift card, the value, the date it will be sent, and the message.

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