The iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020) is the world’s best-selling cell phones in the third quarter of 2020, to the joy of Apple shareholders. While iPhone 11 sold 16 million units, iPhone SE (2020) took the silver medal with 10 million. The difference between the two can be explained by the fact that the model that competes for the attention of less demanding consumers is still new in the market.

The survey made by market consultancy Canalys still indicates the other five Samsung models and three Xiaomi models on the list. As they consider the period from June to September, the data still doesn’t take into account the iPhone 12 sales.

The iPhone 11 was launched in September 2019 as the entry version of that generation. Throughout the year, the device has already appeared as the best seller of the first half of 2020, and the own consulting company Canalys indicated the smartphone as the most marketed in the first three months of the year. The iPhone 11 can already be seen in retail stores like Amazon for $599.97.

The iPhone SE (2020) is Apple’s product to gain space among the most affordable devices. It was presented in April and has even made Android users migrate to Apple’s smartphone. The phone has landed in the national market for $399, but can already be found on Amazon for $385, a reduction of $14.

The total of 16 million units sold of the iPhone 11 is so big that it corresponds to 40% of all Apple mobile sales in the period. The 10 million iPhone SE would be equivalent to 28% of everything the company sold in terms of smartphones from June to September.

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Although the good result of Apple’s models draws attention, it is important to consider that the company chaired by Tim Cook has a leaner portfolio of devices. With fewer cell phones on the market, it is normal that sales end up focusing on specific models such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020). However, Apple also leads in revenue by offering more expensive smartphones than the market average.

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The contrast is clear with the strategy employed by Samsung, for example. The South Korean company usually launches more than a dozen Galaxy smartphones per year, which ends up diluting the sales volume. That’s why, when considering all the lines, Samsung consolidates itself as the worldwide leader of the smartphone market.

Another important detail to be considered concerning Canalys data is that the study considers the shipments sold from manufacturers to the distribution chain, that is, to the trade. When the consultancy says that the iPhone 11 was the best seller of the quarter, it is referring to the volume of units that Apple sold directly to the market and not the total of devices that reached the hands of the final consumer.

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