On January 7, bitcoin surpassed the $40,000 barrier for the first time in history. Due to the interest generated by the news, many began to wonder if it is still a good time to invest in bitcoin or if, on the contrary, it is too late to do so. In the article below, we will analyze some of the pros and cons of buying bitcoins in 2021.

First of all, it is important to note that this article is not intended to provide investment advice. As with any investment, the price of the asset can rise or fall in unpredictable ways, so your capital is at risk.


BTC Value
  • One of bitcoin’s strengths is its extreme security. Being based on blockchain, all transactions made are verified by all participants in the network. Once the data is part of the blockchain, it cannot be modified, which guarantees the security of the system.
  • Another point in favor of investing in bitcoins is the ease of doing so. Some time ago it was somewhat complicated, but over the years there are more and more platforms that facilitate the purchase of bitcoins. Today, companies such as PayPal or Square allow you to buy Bitcoins from their platforms, democratizing access to the cryptocurrency.
  • On the other hand, it is worth highlighting aspects such as the speed of money exchanges and low transaction fees. These are advantages that make bitcoin a very interesting option when carrying out high-value international transactions: the fees payable are much lower than those charged by traditional banks.
  • Finally, many experts claim that the value of bitcoin has not yet reached its peak. In fact, over the last few weeks, different analysts have commented that the value of bitcoin could grow significantly over the next year.
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  • One of the biggest weaknesses of buying bitcoins in 2021 is the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency. It is a market with little to no predictability, so it is important to be aware of any news that could affect the value of bitcoin to minimize losses and maximize gains.
  • Of course, there are many who see bitcoin as a safe long-term investment and expect the value of the cryptocurrency to multiply over the next few years. This investor profile made the HODL concept fashionable, which invites to accumulate cryptocurrencies with no intention of selling them in the short term.
  • Another drawback of bitcoin is the lack of regulation of the cryptocurrency, which operates outside of the main banks or governments around the world. In addition, its acceptance is currently quite limited, as we cannot pay with bitcoins everywhere. Even so, more and more companies are accepting bitcoins as a means of payment, mainly in the technology sector. For example, it is now possible to pay with bitcoins in many VPN services.
  • Finally, it is worth remembering that there is a possibility of losing access to your wallet. Although unlikely, people all over the world have lost access to their bitcoin wallet due to forgotten passwords or corruption of data on a hard drive. In fact, there are several known cases of people who have become millionaires due to the growth of bitcoin and are unable to access their fortunes because of such accidents.

Having discussed the main pros and cons of investing in bitcoin in 2021, it is important that you make your own decisions and consult a financial advisor if you have any doubts. We expect that bitcoin will continue to give a lot to talk about in the coming months, so we will continue to follow the evolution of the cryptocurrency closely.

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