Core i5 10400F is a 10th-generation processor from Intel released in April 2020. The component has six cores and is part of the F series aimed at desktops, a line characterized by the absence of an integrated video card. The mid-range model is simplified because of this and is closer to rival AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600. The chip is sold at prices starting at $179 on Amazon. Below, we have gathered the technical profile of the Core i5, its overall performance, and features for you to get a better idea about the product.

Intel Core i5 10400F Datasheet

Intel Core i5 10400F
ReleaseApril 2020
Speed2.9 GHz (base) to 4.3 GHz (turbo)
Cache12 MB in L3
Memorytwo channels, up to 128GB of DDR4 at 2666 MHz
Video cardNo
TDP65 Watts

The Core i5 10400F is a hexa-core from Intel belonging to the brand’s 10th generation of desktop processors. In addition to the six physical cores, the CPU features Hyper-Threading technology, which doubles the number of available threads. According to Intel, the chip can run at speeds between 2.9 GHz and 4.3 GHz in turbo. In terms of internal memory, the Core i5 comes with 12 MB of L3 cache.

As for RAM, the Core i5 can handle up to 128 GB of standard DDR4 and 2,666 MHz in dual-channel. Belonging to the F series of desktop processors, the model lacks an integrated video card, requiring the purchase of a GPU on the side.


The Core i5 10400F competes on the market directly with Ryzen 5 3500X, 3600, and 3600X units. This is heavy competition, as comparisons and benchmarks indicate that AMD chips have an advantage in activities that require more cores.

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The TechSpot website, for example, has produced some interesting comparisons, which pit the Core i5 10400F and Ryzen 5 3600 head-to-head. In the benchmark generated via Photoshop, Adobe’s photo editing software, the AMD scored 863 points against 743 for Intel’s unit, a result that was repeated taking into account the rendering time of audiovisual material in DaVinci Resolve in 4K.

Core i5 on Battlefield V

The likely reason why Ryzen has fared better in these tests is that AMD processors have had an advantage in multithreaded processing – that which fires multiple cores and threads of execution at the same time – over Intel’s options in recent years.

In scenarios where multithread speed is not as important, the Core i5 catches up. The comparisons of the site, as well as publications such as TechPowerUp, NotebookCheck, and PCMag, point to the Core i5 as superior in everyday tasks such as productivity and the Internet.

In games, the results vary depending on the title. But overall, Ryzen is faster. TechSpot reports an advantage for Intel’s processor in Battlefield V, while Ryzen 5 has 3600 wins in games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Rainbow Six Siege, and Far Cry New Dawn.

Core i5 10300H: All about the Lapto...
Core i5 10300H: All about the Laptop's Gaming Processor

According to Intel, the processor has a maximum TDP of 65 Watts. This value measures the maximum amount of energy that the CPU dissipates in the form of heat during use under high demand. Since this is unused power, you can get an idea of its efficiency.

Core i5 10400F LGA1200 Socket

Once again resorting to data from the TechSpot portal, which also surveyed the gross consumption of the processors, it is possible to identify that the Ryzen 5 3600 spends about the same amount of energy to run. But, as it delivers close to 10% more performance, AMD’s product ends up being 10% more efficient.

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In any case, 65 Watts is not much – high-end processors run on almost twice that. Since it shouldn’t get that hot, the i5 10400F can be cooled with a standard cooler without much effort and noise.


The Core i5 10400F has an LGA1200 socket type and forces the consumer to have a motherboard with that same socket. Intel’s LGA1200 platform is already well established in the market and it is not difficult to find options of motherboards of various brands in the market.

Asus Prime H310M-E R2.0

The most affordable we can find at the moment is the Asus Prime H310M-E R2.0, available at $99 on Amazon. Similarly, the Gigabyte H310M M.2 2.0 costs $59.99 on Amazon and shares with the Asus alternative the same H310 chipset. Those who want something more complete can turn to more expensive gamer options, such as the Asus TUF Gaming B460M-Plus, found at $198.99 on Amazon currently.


Intel’s processor fits in a more mid-range line of the brand and is aimed at the consumer interested in saving money when buying a CPU. With no overclocking support and no integrated graphics card, this unit may suit gamers with a more restricted budget or users who already have a quality video card and don’t need overclocking support.

Price and Competitors

The Core i5 10400F is already relatively outdated by the arrival of the 11th generation chips, as well as more recent options from AMD – something that explains more attractive prices for the product. In our searches, we found the processor going for about $178.69 on Amazon and in reputable stores on the computer and hardware market.

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Those who have their eye on a mid-range processor such as the Core i5 10400F can turn to other options as well. We talked a lot about the Ryzen 5 3600, a direct rival of Intel’s chip and which is found on Amazon for $289.99 currently. The Core i5 11400F is the successor of the 10400F in Intel’s 11th generation and is also available in the national territory. In our price survey, the model was found for $323.22 on Amazon.

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