Its disappearance from the European market already made us fear the worst, and it seems that the company’s economic situation has not improved since then. Meizu, the former main competitor of Xiaomi, has fired in the last year more than 30% of its workforce, according to data published by IT Hom e, one of the most reputed Asian technology blogs. To this is added the closure of many stores that until now had served as outlets for the distribution of their mobile phones.

The Decline of Meizu: From 2,700 Stores to Less Than 150

Although the news does not come by surprise, IT Hom e has released today what may be the beginning of the end of Meizu, one of the most reputable mobile phone manufacturers in China and the rest of Asian countries.

According to data published by the aforementioned newspaper, the company would have gone from having more than 2,700 stores opened throughout the country in 2016 to less than 5 or 6 for each of the 23 provinces that make up the country of rice in the last year. The estimated calculation of operational stores today amounts to about 130 stores, which could be jeopardized after the dismissal of more than 30% of Meizu’s workforce.

The reasons for the company’s decline could be due to the low level of sales that the company has had from 2016 until then. Part of the blame is Xiaomi, who under two years has begun to expand internationally, from China to Latin America, through Europe and, finally, from Spain to Africa.

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Another reason that is attributed to the low level in terms of sales has to do with the operation of Flyme, the customization layer that mounts their devices. As a user of the brand for more than two years, I can ensure that its operation is not the most suitable, especially if we make a direct comparison with layers such as MIUI.

This could be added to the little or no advertising of the brand in the western market. Since the disappearance of the brand in Europe, we have received a few news from the Chinese manufacturer, although its portfolio of smartphones continues to be updated regularly, with models such as the Meizu 16Xs, the Meizu 16s or the Meizu Note 9.

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