Does it sound like something to you, Mixer? In case you don’t know, Mixer has become one of the most downloaded free application on the App Store. If we tell you that it competes with Twitch, you probably guess what the app is all about.

As you know, Twitch is a platform where content about games is broadcast. There, famous players exhibit their command skills in video games of the moment, and users – also players, but few experts – follow their adventures, even in real-time.

In recent times, Twitch has become a very popular app among these types of audiences. The most popular users – those video game stars have thousands and thousands of fans hooked – compete with tooth and nails to get an audience at all costs.

However, Twitch’s reign seems to be over. The Mixer app is an option that comes from Microsoft and it has just positioned itself as the most downloaded application in the App Store. Although in Google Play, the Android application store, the app has not reached the same level of popularity. The mixer has been placed above the 700 positions and already has more than five million downloads. Also, one of the Twitch stars has just signed an exclusive with Mixer. What will happen from now?

Ninja To Stream Exclusively On Mixer, Not Twitch

It seems that Microsoft has wanted to go all out to win Twitch in this battle. And they have done it through the signing of one of the stars of the platform. We are talking about Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, who announced that from now on he will stop broadcasting on Twitch, and also spend his time exclusively on Mixer.

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If you are conversant with the gaming world, you will know that Ninja is the streamer that had most followers on Twitch. He has more than 14 million followers that were lost to continue their adventures in Fortnite. Although Mixer is not as popular as this other platform, it is very clear that Microsoft does not want to get lost in this market.

The service, which appeared under the name of Beam, was purchased by Microsoft in 2016. Since then, the company has wanted to adapt and redefine the brand, on one hand changing its name and integrating it as a service for all its consoles.

Now the most media impulse has been given with an exclusive contract with Ninja, so that from now on, all those who want to enjoy Ninja games will have to do so from Mixer: 14 million followers are not numbers anyone can afford to skip.

In Mixer, users will have the opportunity to do the same as in Twitch. On the platform, they will be able to follow the games that their favorite gamers are playing, do it live and at the same time, take advantage to discuss it with them. Something like playing your favorite video game with friends.

How is Mixer, what do they have and what is missing?

Not everything plays in favor of Mixer. The Microsoft platform also has its shortcomings. For example, Twitch offers users the ability to broadcast from all consoles and major operating systems. However, Mixer is owned by Microsoft, only offers the broadcast through Windows, Mac, Xbox, and mobile.

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The service is not operational from the PS4, which is Sony’s main rival, and the most popular game console. Luckily, Mixer is fully integrated with compatible consoles and devices, so you don’t have to install applications. It can be broadcast simultaneously with several players and the player can enjoy them on a single screen and automatically integrates with video games as popular as Minecraft.

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