Adobe has announced important changes in its applications and one of them is the arrival, for the moment in closed beta, of Photoshop and Illustrator in the web version. Although it does not have all the power of the desktop application, Adobe has finally been encouraged to offer a tool in the cloud, with access to some editing features.

To date, if you wanted to have an online photoshop you had to go to alternatives such as Photopea. Soon, users will also have access to Photoshop on the web, with collaborative editing and the possibility of posting comments that can be read by other users, in the real Google Docs style.

The most basic Photoshop options, now on the web (with subscription)

Photoshop web

Initially, the functions of this online Photoshop will be quite limited. We will have tools such as lasso selection, quick selection, the magic wand, and the classic options of cropping, brush, or light and color editing. The advantage is that now it will no longer be necessary to download an application on the computer.

With the new website, which will be accessible at the address ‘‘, you will have a tool that can be accessed with your Adobe Creative Cloud account and allow you to share images and work that you have saved with other users. Other people will be able to see the image and leave comments directly, without having to download a new application or have their own subscription. In other words, to use Photoshop on the web we will need a subscription, but not to view the work of others and leave comments.

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This option can be interesting for those advertising agencies that want to show their work. The client will be able to leave comments and to receive the image can be done with a share link, again similar to what we already have with the Google suite or Microsoft Word online.

Photoshop web

The editing permissions will be configurable to allow other people to edit our work from the same platform, although this will require a subscription.

Photoshop CC - How To Merge Layers

At the moment Photoshop and Illustrator Web are in beta, with no date announced as to when it will be open to all users. A compatible browser will be required, with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge being the ones announced by Adobe as compatible.

Coinciding with this announcement, Adobe has announced a new group subscription called ‘Creative Cloud Spaces’, where teams will be able to share documents, images, and other files.

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