The PlayStation 5 (PS5) was officially shown by Sony on June 11, 2020, and the announcement of the console put an end to several rumors surrounding it in recent months. The biggest doubts were about the price of the device – it is now revealed that it will available from November 12, 2020, for $399. The first games to be released and the capacity that the new videogame will offer. Here are 6 myths and truths about the console that will hit the stores by the end of 2020.

1. Backward compatibility with the entire PlayStation line

Backward compatibility with the entire PlayStation line

MYTH. A PS5 patent, shared in 2019, indicated that the new videogame could run all games on Sony’s desktop consoles because of its new architecture. The rumor was that the device would be able to identify other PlayStation discs and thus authorize the download of games. However, this information was disproved by Sony in the first PS5 presentation and with the release of the official machine specifications months later.

2. PS4 games available at launch in 2020

PS4 games available at launch in 2020

TRUTH. Sony made a presentation in March 2020 in which it revealed most of the technical specifications of PS5. Among the news, it was confirmed that the new console will have more than 100 PS4 games available soon at its launch. It will be possible to use the conventional Blu-ray and most of the Top 100 hits of the platform can be accessed on the device with superior performance to PS4 Pro, called Legacy Mode in the presentation.

3. Initial design revealed in August 2019

PS5 Initial design revealed in August 2019

MYTH. In August 2019, a picture appeared on the internet with the supposed PlayStation 5 (PS5) design. A Letsgodigital collaborator had access to the console patent registered in Sony’s name, made by Yasuhiro Ootori, the designer. However, the Japanese giant refuted the rumors that that would be the model that would reach the stores and confirmed that it was only the development kit, sent to game producers and developers. Sony was so cautious that even these developer models were shown little in the specialized media.

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4. PlayStation 5 will have Ray-Tracing support

PlayStation 5 will have Ray-Tracing support

TRUTH. The new Sony console will make use of an effect known as Ray Tracing. Previously, the technology was only available on the most modern PC graphics cards. The novelty consists in using lighting and shading techniques to ensure even more realistic effects for games. At the official PS5 presentation, it was possible to see the new feature in the Gran Turismo 7 trailer. All developers will be able to use Ray Tracing to create the games.

5. PlayStation 5 will be stronger than the Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5 will be stronger than the Xbox Series X

MYTH. The new generation of games always starts with the dispute to know which will be the most powerful console. Some sites have reported that the PlayStation 5 specifications would be higher than the Xbox Series X. According to publications, both the GPU and PS5 RAM would be larger and more powerful than those of the Microsoft console. However, with the official announcement, came the confirmation that the new Xbox has an advantage only on the GPU, while the rest of the specifications will be quite similar on both consoles.

6. PlayStation 5 will have super fast and expandable SSD

PlayStation 5 will have super fast and expandable SSD

TRUTH. The SSD is responsible for making games faster and more fluid depending on how much you store them. The PlayStation 5 (PS5) will have an 825 GB SSD at the factory, which should ensure very fast performance on loading screens and processing speed. In addition, the console will accept external SSDs, but only for the storage of more games and without changing the performance of the machine. It will be something like the external hard drive, which can be connected to the PS4 to increase its memory.

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