PlayStation 5 (PS5) received an official page on Sony’s website this Tuesday afternoon (4) in preparation for the console’s launch in late 2020. The website ( has a form for all interested parties to receive first-hand news, including arrival date, price, and games, when all this information is officially released. Although there are rumors that a release may occur in February, the company claims they are “not ready to reveal the next generation of PlayStation in full”.

Over the past few months, Sony has given some previews of what to expect from PlayStation 5, including support for an SSD for fast navigation and reduced loadings and support for ray-tracing technology-level hardware. In addition, there is information on some of the features of the new DualShock 5, which includes arctic feedback and adaptive trigger resistance depending on what happens in the games. The installation of games should also be customizable so that players can only delete the single-player mode after resetting the story, keeping the multiplayer component for playing with friends.

The opening of this page may indicate that more details will be released very soon. David Scott Jaffe, former director of Twisted Metal and God of War franchises, had stated in his personal Twitter profile that a revelation event would take place in February and that this was the “worst kept secret” in the industry, but no confirmation from Sony.

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