Subscription services have jumped from music, streaming, movies to playing video games, where it is increasingly common to see different services for different subscriptions. Although in other fields such as music, it is normal to have similar prices and almost identical catalog, on video game platforms it is not. Each subscription service has its features conformed to its consoles and also a completely different videogame catalog.

For this reason, it will be interesting to see a comparison between the three great services available in the video game market: Sony PlayStation Plus, Microsoft Xbox Live Gold and Nintendo Switch Online. What price does each service have? What games do they offer? What is the cloud for?

PS Plus vs. Xbox Live Gold vs. Nintendo Switch Online

1 Month Plan7.99 euros6.99 euros3.99 euros
3 months Plan24.99 euros19.99 euros7.99 euros
A Year Plan59.99 euros59.99 euros19.99 euros
Family Plan34.99 euros
(8 users)
Compatible ConsolesPlaystation 4Xbox One & Xbox 360 Nintendo Switch &Nintendo Switch
Cloud Storage100GBUnlimited Unlimited

As we can see, each of the services has varied characteristics. Where they all seem to match is in the payment plans: monthly, quarterly and annual. The price, however, is not common. PS Plus has the highest price of all, followed closely by Xbox Live Gold. Nintendo seems to go its way with Nintendo Switch Online, which is half the price of the previous two.

The features of PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold and Nintendo Switch Online

It is time to see the characteristics of each in order to know better what can be achieved in exchange for paying each subscription. The business at the end is similar for all three platforms: retaining the user within the platform/console in exchange for a series of extra incentives such as online profiles and cloud games to compete against others.

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Playstation Plus
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PlayStation Plus: PS Plus was once an extra for the PlayStation 3, now it is already a requirement to play online with the PlayStation 4. It does not only offers online games, but it also includes a series of free games every month. While they are usually older PS3 games, they have also published high-level AAA games. Finally, we can find discounts to buy games on the PlayStation store. The last of the advantages of PS Plus is its storage, which allows 100 GB per account to store games.

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Xbox Live Gold: So to speak, the pioneer service of the three. Xbox Live allows you to have an online profile to play multiplayer games online and also save the games. You will also have four free games per month (two from Xbox One and two from Xbox 360 that are compatible with Xbox One). Not only games, just like PS Plus offers discounts for the store and even movies and series from time to time.

Nintendo Switch Online: That Nintendo’s service is the cheapest of all is not in vain, it is also the one that offers fewer features. Nintendo Switch Online focuses on allowing online gamers to play against other players that have the same mode, for example, Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Additional features include being able to use the official mobile app to chat with other users live or the inclusion of some classic NES games.

So which one to stay with? Despite all the factors we have seen, in the end, what influences the most is the console we have. However, this comparison can be useful to know what console to choose if online games mean a lot to us.

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The video game industry is not limited to just these three big ones, other services also allow you to enjoy a catalog of online games for consoles and computers. We have PlayStation Now, EA Access Xbox Game Pass as “the Netflix of video games.” Also more curious options like Humble Monthly, where each month they give us a pack of different games.

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