We are going to explain what Samsung TV Plus is and how it works, the free content service that is integrated into the Korean manufacturer’s smart TVs. It is a pre-installed service on the TVs themselves and does not require registration or data to be able to consume the channels it integrates.

Let’s start by explaining exactly what this service is and some of its features. You will see that it is very easy to understand. Then, we will briefly explain how it works, and we will finish with a list of the channels it currently offers.

What is Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is a free entertainment service created by Samsung. It is a service that is integrated within the manufacturer’s Smart TVs. It is a service that does not need to have any type of external device, since it is installed directly on the TV, something that makes it unnecessary to download anything.

Samsung TV Plus is a free service that makes profits by showing ads on its content. It does not require any registration, so you will not have to create an account or enter your bank details. Instead of having a user account, the content is linked directly to your TV.

Being an integrated feature, you will not be able to remove TV Plus from your TV. However, you will not be forced to use it, it will be there for you to access whenever you want or need it. It will show up when you turn on the TV, but you can also access it directly from the apps bar on your TV’s interface. It is like one more application in addition to the ones you may decide to install.

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TV Plus, as we will tell you at the end, offers several free channels so you have access to hours of content. This number of channels is increasing over time, so it is advisable to check it from time to time to see if they have added any with themes that you like.

Also, the TV Plus features HBO Max, Apple Music, Samsung health, Etsy Artwork, etc.

How to use Samsung TV Plus

You will be able to access TV Plus at any time from the TV applications menu. By simply clicking on the remote control or launching its application, you will be able to access TV Plus and start enjoying its content.

You can also enter the Service Guide to watch live broadcasts or what comes next. To access it, you have to click on the CH button on the Samsung One Remote Control. And if you have a standard remote, you can do it by pressing the Guide button on it. On the CH button, you can press up or down to change channels.

In TV Plus you will also see a section called Recommended, where Samsung takes the opportunity to recommend the most popular channels and content of the service. The service will allow you to delete channels you do not watch or are not interested in. To do this, go to the channel list and choose Edit channels, where you can remove the ones you don’t want to have.

What channels does Samsung TV Plus offer?

Here is the complete list of channels of this service updated on March 19, 2021. In total, there are more than 39 channels with music content, movies, entertainment, news, and children’s series. Among them are:

  • AMC Presents
  • Absolute Reality by WE tv
  • TV Land Sitcoms
  • Bloomberg Quicktake
  • Complex
  • Tiny House Nation
  • Estrella News
  • Xplore
  • Vevo Holiday
  • Black News Channel
  • Lucky Dog
  • CoronavirusNOW
  • Bloomberg TV+ UHD (in 4K)
  • Revry
  • Maverick Black Cinema
  • ION Plus
  • PlayersTV
  • The Chive
  • MAVTV Select
  • Big Name
  • Caillou
  • Classical Harmony
  • Clubbing TV
  • Deluxe Lounge HD
  • Dramas – Rakuten TV
  • duckTV
  • Fashion TV
  • Humanity
  • Insight TV
  • Moods
  • Motorvision
  • MTV Catfish
  • MTV Cribs
  • MTV Originals
  • MySurf
  • People Are Awesome

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