Although the PS5 is still planned only for the end of 2020, Sony already thinks of the successors of its next-generation console and has registered the brands PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and PS10 in Japan. The measure does not mean that the consoles are already in production and not that will be released any day, but it is a guarantee that other companies will not use the property.


This is not the first time that Sony registers this type of patent well in advance: the PS4 and PS5 were originally registered in 2006, and the first officially arrived on the market only in 2013. The PS2 and the PS3 were registered a year before their commercial launches.

The PS5 should receive more details in the course of 2020. So far, it is known that the console will invest in SSD technology to provide a much faster experience in loading games and the user interface, in addition to having support for Ray Tracing technology, backward compatibility with PS4 games and support for 8K rendering – possibly for video playback.

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