65-inch QLED panel, audio system with ONKYO signature or a refresh rate of 100Hz. And all this with a price that does not go out of hand, this is one of the most interesting models from TCL for this year. The TCL QLED 65C728 arrives with 4K resolution and at its core, we will enjoy Android TV with the advantage of being able to stream content at any time from our mobiles with Google’s system. And all this with a price of €1,200.

In this article, we focus on the TCL QLED 4K 65C728 model, which has a 65-inch diagonal. However, the firm also manufactures variants with 55 and 75 inches. In this way, the product becomes more accessible to all types of users, eliminating possible problems arising from lack of space. Throughout the following sections, we will review some of the most remarkable specifications of this TV and we will stop to analyze its key points. If you’re wondering if the TCL QLED 4K 65C728 is really worth the money, you’ll find the answer to your question in this article.

TCL QLED 4K 65C728 Datasheet

TCL QLED 4K 65C728
Diagonal65 inches. Also available in 55 and 75 inches
Resolution and technology4K. Quantum Dot, 4K HDR Premium y 100Hz Motion Clarity Pro para mejorar el rendimiento 4K HDR.
Panel typeQLED
Operating systemAndroid TV
Sound2 front speakers with 20W RMS in total. Dolby AC4, Dolby TrueHD.
Connections2 x HDMI 2.1, 1 x USB 2.0, Ethernet, 3.5mm Jack. Optical audio output.
Wireless connectivityWifi b/g/n 2.4/5Ghz MIMO, Bluetooth 5.2
MediumVESA. Central base.
OthersChromecast, T-cast, TCL Home, Google Home, Google Assistant Hands Free, Funciona con Alexa, UHD upscaling, Wide color technology, 11 bit panel, AiPQ 2.0 Engine, Gestión del color 3D LUT con calibración 10P y 2P.
Dimensions (without stand)1446 / 888 / 300 mm
Weight (without stand)26.80 kg
Release dateAvailable

Let’s talk about Video and Image on the TCL QLED 4K 65C728

The TCL 65C728 is a TV with a QLED panel. This is accompanied by some technologies, such as the latest generation Quantum Dot, which is capable of offering more realistic colors, adapted to cinematic standards. Throughout its 65 inches, more than one billion different shades are displayed. Thus, color reproduction is enhanced, but also the detail and depth of the image. As the company likes to claim, this QLED has nothing to envy from OLED TVs. The 4K HDR Pro is another name that resonates among the specifications of this TCL model. In UHD content, HDR has become a standard. Therefore, the TCL QLED 4K 65C728 is capable of displaying high contrast that sharpens the look of the picture in dark scenes. Both technologies work in unison to take the viewing experience to the next level, promising more accurate colors and details.

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Let’s continue talking about the image-related aspects of this TCL by looking at the refresh rate. In this case, the company has raised it to 100 Hz. This is especially interesting when playing action-packed content, such as sporting events or movies. Just for information, you should know that the trade name for this feature is 100 Hz Motion Clarity Pro.

We end this section with HDR Multiformat. What is TCL’s intention in including this specification? To make the TV compatible with any content available on video platforms. To give you an idea, with the TCL QLED 4K 65C728 it is possible to enjoy Dolby Vision movies and series from Disney + and Netflix. But also those that use HDR10+, as is the case with Amazon Prime Video. In short, this particular model supports all content that has been recorded in compliance with HDR10, HDR HLG, HDR10 +, HDR DOLBY VISION, and DOLBY VISION IQ standards. If we add to this the own Vision IQ function, which is responsible for adjusting the image to suit the room where the TV is installed, this product is a safe bet in visual terms.

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Someone here has thought of demanding gamers

Game Master Pro

Play like the pros? According to TCL, it is possible with Game Master Pro, a set of features designed to make this TV be at the height when it comes to gaming. For starters, it has HDMI 2.1 standard, which is able to reproduce frames at a higher speed, even when using 4K resolution. It also ensures compatibility with the latest console models released on the market. Many of them employ ALLM, an automated low-latency mode. With the TCL TV, you will have no major problems taking full advantage of these technologies.

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Additionally, we find VRR, a feature that allows you to have a variable refresh rate. With all of the above, this TV is able to reduce input lag to below 15 milliseconds. Don’t forget that to get the most out of all these HDMI 2.1 features, your console or your computer’s graphics card must be compatible.

ONKYO and TCL team up for better sound


We have already mentioned on occasion that the hearing field is not usually a priority for manufacturers. Fortunately, many brands are getting their act together in this regard. After all, without quality audio, it is not possible to offer a good audiovisual experience. TCL has sought help in this regard and has forged an alliance with one of the most experienced sound companies. After knocking on ONKYO’s door, the two companies have worked together to bring TCL’s TVs up to par in this crucial aspect.

The TCL QLED 4K 65C728 includes a specifically designed sound system. Its speakers have been developed to meet a very clear objective: to deliver clear and accurate audio. There is also no shortage of technologies here to enhance the results. The TCL TV comes with Dolby Atmos, a surround sound system that brings the viewer to the center of the scene, helping them feel closer to the action.

As a companion to Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD is also included, especially interesting if you are going to watch Blu-Ray movies or compatible content on streaming platforms. Surround sound is available, according to the brand itself, in more than 50,000 titles. If this is indeed the case, it is certainly worth having the necessary compatibility, especially if behind the screen sits a movie lover.

Android TV: A Safe Bet

Android TV

Android TV is synonymous with applications and more applications. In fact, with it, you will not need to check whether this TCL is compatible or not with certain platforms. On Android TV you will find Netflix and Disney + apps in Dolby Vision, Amazon Prime in HDR10 +, YouTube in 4K HDR, Android games compatible with the Dolby Atmos audio surround system, HBO GO, Spotify, Twitch, Kodi, Plex, Google TV, Hulu, and Rakuten. As you have seen, Google’s operating system stands out mainly for its long list of integrated services and for providing access to the Google Play Store. With all that has been said so far, you may be satisfied. However, there is much more to tell you about the software chosen by TCL.

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Google Assistant

This is a TV compatible with Google Home and Google Assistant. Therefore, with it, it is possible to know the result of a match, the weather tomorrow, or what is the age of any of the actors appearing on screen. In fact, you can do everything you already do with the assistant on other devices. You even have the option to turn off the lights before starting a movie and turn them on to prepare the popcorn, to give a couple of examples. The limit is set by the imagination of each user. All this without touching the remote control, as this TV is compatible with the Google Assistant hands-free system. Finally, we cannot overlook the fact that Android supports the creation of different profiles, which helps more than one member of the family to use the TV in a personalized way.

But this TCL is not only about Google. Inside it also has a little corner destined for Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. It is true that the functionalities provided in this case are more limited. That is, this is a TV compatible with Alexa, but does not bring it integrated. This allows you to control the TV with your voice if you have an Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Echo Plus. However, you will not be able to use the Amazon assistant from the TV itself. That said, thanks to this integration, you will be able to ask Alexa to play music on your TV to start playing your favorite songs on the ONKYO audio system.

Minimalist Design

What would you say if we asked you if the TCL QLED 4K 65C728 is pretty? We’re clear. It’s neither pretty nor ugly. If you hang it on the wall thanks to the VESA-compatible bracket, the only thing that remains in sight is the panel. The only thing visible at the bottom is a small plate that houses the brand name. We can not say that this is a graceful TV because, in fact, the only thing left in sight is the screen. It shows the good work of TCL when it comes to bringing the edges to their minimum expression.

Pricing and Availability of the TCL QLED 4K 65C728

TCL Android TV

TCL has scored some goals with this product. It incorporates a number of technologies aimed at improving image quality, has a sound perfected by a specialized company and the software puts the icing on a very appetizing cake. We cannot deny that this is a product that aims at the high end of the market, but with a price that is not too high considering all that has been analyzed. In the usual channels of purchase, this TCL QLED 4K 65C728 can be yours for about €1,200.

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