WhatsApp and Telegram are the two most used messaging applications. Two applications that pursue the same goal, but have some very clear differences. In this post, we examine the similarities and differences between WhatsApp and Telegram in 2019.

Telegram and WhatsApp: The Kings of Instant Messaging

WhatsApp is the messaging application par excellence, the most downloaded application on Google Play, and the one that can not be missing on any mobile today. During the more than 10 years that it has existed, many rivals have emerged, but only Telegram has achieved a significant use quota, the others have been falling down the road.

WhatsApp was the pioneer, but Telegram introduced many of the features that WhatsApp did not allow at the time, such as sending files other than images. Telegram also stood out for being completely free from the beginning, remember that WhatsApp was a payment application, although with an annual payment.

Currently, both applications allow you to send all types of files such as images, Word and PDF documents, compressed files – RAR, ZIP, – stickers, and GIF. WhatsApp has become one of the most used channels to send all kinds of memes.

Video Calls – The Missing Telegram Feature

An advantage of WhatsApp today is video calls, which are not yet available on Telegram. The latter is satisfied for now with allowing voice calls over the Internet. Many users need to make video calls, so the only valid option in this regard is the Facebook application. We do not know if Telegram intends to add them soon.

But Telegram also has its advantages, such as sending video messages in a very simple way as if they were voice messages. WhatsApp does not yet allow the sending of such videos, something that should be implemented soon.

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Edit Sent Messages: A Feature Missing on WhatsApp

We all make mistakes when typing on the mobile, either because of how small the virtual keys are and how close they are or because the automatic correct has played tricks on you. This has caused more than one problem of misunderstandings in the past, all because of a message that was sent incorrectly.

Telegram allows you to edit messages after sending them, which is impossible on WhatsApp. A very important feature that can save you from unnecessary issues.

Fortunately, WhatsApp has put another feature and for quite some time you can delete the message and send a new one to avoid a misunderstanding. This feature was not available at the beginning.

WhatsApp Lags in the News Channels

Another advantage of Telegram is the news channels that you can join in a very simple way. WhatsApp has something similar, which are the broadcast lists, although this feature seems to be a bit behind what Telegram offers.

Security is Stronger in Telegram

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, a company that does not seem to be too concerned about the security and privacy of its users. WhatsApp experienced a security problem in 2018, making it clear that they have much to improve in this regard.

For its part, Telegram includes the most advanced security protocols and allows you to use a proxy for calls and messages. Another advantage of Telegram in this regard is that you can create a chat whose messages have an expiration date. It also offers more restrictive options in groups to select who can join and who cannot.

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Multi-Device Application

Another advantage of Telegram is that it has a multi-device integration that leaves WhatsApp on the ground. Telegram offers applications for PC, Linux, and Mac, which work completely independently without the smartphone, in fact, you don’t even need to have the application installed on it.

WhatsApp Web is much more limited in this regard since it is limited to creating a link with the smartphone and replicating all the content of this you need to always have the mobile close and working.

This may seem unimportant, but we believe it is much more relevant than it seems. Imagine that you have left without the mobile or you have run out of energy, no matter how much you carry the laptop on top it will be impossible for you to use WhatsApp Web when you cannot connect with the smartphone.

Telegram will work perfectly, you can send any message to your contacts and notify them of anything important.

WhatsApp has more Users

Telegram has several advantages over WhatsApp but is still far behind it in terms of active users. All your friends use WhatsApp but, how many of them use Telegram? Surely many less.

Hootsuite data for this year 2019 say that Telegram reached 200 million users, a figure that WhatsApp exceeds by a win with more than 1.5 billion users per month. This means that the Facebook application has almost eight times more users than its rival.


As we can see, both Telegram and WhatsApp have their advantages and disadvantages that make them stand out. The telegram came as a much more innovative application, but over time WhatsApp has been putting more energy so as not to be left behind. A clear sign that competition benefits users.

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Do not forget that both applications are completely free to use, so you can have both installed without problems on your mobile device.

What is your preferred option? Do you like Telegram or WhatsApp more? You can leave a comment with your user experience and your opinion to help users.

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