Valorant Champions 2021, the world championship of FPS from Riot Games, starts on Wednesday (01) and runs until December 12 in Berlin, the capital of Germany. The tournament features the 16 best teams in the world today, three of them are the Brazilian Team Vikings, Vivo Keyd, and FURIA Esports. You can watch the games live on Valorant’s official channels on Twitch TV, YouTube, and Nimo TV. The total prize pool is US$1 million, and the winning team takes home US$350,000. Check out, below, all the details about Valorant Champions 2021.


Valorant championship

The 16 participating teams qualified for the Valorant Champions with their scores in the circuits of their respective regions, by Last Chance Qualifiers or by results in past international competitions. By points, there are Team Vikings and Vivo Keyd, from Brazil; Sentinels and Team Envy, from North America; Acend and Fnatic, from EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa); X10 CRIT and Team Secret, from Southeast Asia; Vision Strikers, from South Korea; Crazy Racoon, from Japan; and KRÜ Esports, from Latin America.

For the Last Chance Qualifiers, FURIA Esports from Brazil, Cloud9 from North America, Team Liquid from EMEA, and FULL SENSE from Thailand were the qualified teams. Finally, Gambit Esports, also from the EMEA region, was already guaranteed a place in the Valorant Champions thanks to its title won at Masters Berlin.


The Valorant Champions 2021 has two phases: groups and playoffs. In the first one, the teams are divided into four groups, four in each, based on their performances in regional leagues and international tournaments. In the groups, the teams will face each other in a double-elimination format, where a team is eliminated if it suffers two losses. Thus, for a team to take one of the two spots in its group, the team must win two matches. These matches will be played in a best-of-three series (MD3).

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Valorant Champions 2021 – Groups

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
AcendSentinelsGambit SportsVision Strikes
Team EnvyKRU SportsTeam VikingsFnatic
X10 CRITTeam LiquidTeam SecretFULL SENSE
Vivo KeydFURIA EsportsCrazy raccoonCloud9
Valorant championship group stage

At the end of the group stage, the eight best teams will be in the playoffs. They will be placed in a single-elimination bracket, where a loss will mean elimination. The matches will continue to be best-of-three series (MD3). The exception is the grand final, where the title will be decided by a best-of-five series (MD5). It is worth mentioning that Agent Chamber will not be available during the entire competition.

PES 2021 Best Players In Each Posit... x
PES 2021 Best Players In Each Position – Highest Rated Players In Each Position

As the Valorant Champions 2021 ends the Valorant Champions Tour circuit, the tournament will not distribute points and will only have a cash prize of US$ 1 million. See, in the table below, how the prize money will be divided by place:

Valorant Champions 2021 – Prize Pool

1stUS$ 350 thousand
2ndUS$ 150 thousand
3rd-4thUS$ 90 thousand
5th-8thUS$ 40 thousand
9th-12thUS$ 20 thousand
13th-16thUS$ 20 thousand


The complete schedule for the competition has already been released by Riot Games. See below the days and times of each game in the group phase and playoffs. Also, note the time listed here might be different from yours due to location. You can always check ValorantEsports for accuracy.

Group Stage

Wednesday, December 1st

  • FULL SENSE vs. Vision Strikers (Group D) – 11 am
  • Crazy Raccoon vs. Team Vikings (Group C) – 2 pm
  • Cloud9 vs. Fnatic (Group D) – 5pm
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Thursday, December 2nd

  • Team Secret-Gambit Esports (Group C) – 11 am
  • Team Liquid vs. KRÜ Esports – 2pm
  • FURIA Esports vs. Sentinels – 5 pm

Friday, December 3rd

  • Vivo Keyd vs. Acend (Group A) – 11 am
  • X10 CRIT vs. Team Envy (Group A) – 2 pm
  • Winners’ Series (Group D) – 5pm

Saturday, December 4th

  • Winners’ Series (Group B) – 11am
  • Winners’ Series (Group A) – 2pm
  • Winners’ Series (Group C) – 5pm

Sunday, December 5

  • Elimination Series (Group C) – 11am
  • Elimination series (Group B) – 2pm
  • Elimination Series (Group D) – 5pm

Monday, December 6

  • Elimination series (Group A) – 11am
  • Decision series (Group B) – 2pm
  • Decision series (Group D) – 5pm

Tuesday, December 7

  • Decision series (Group C) – 2pm
  • Decision series (Group A) – 5pm


Wednesday, December 8th

  • Quarterfinals 1 – 2pm
  • Quarterfinals 2 – 5pm

Thursday, December 9

  • Quarterfinals 3 – 2pm
  • Quarter Final 4 – 5 pm

Saturday, December 11th

  • Semifinal 1 – 2pm
  • Semifinal 2 – 2pm

Sunday, December 12th

  • Grand Final – 2 pm
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