In a virtual event that was broadcast this afternoon, HTC presented a new model of its HTC Vive glasses. But I’m not talking about an augmented reality goggle or a gaming device: the brand wants us to use these new HTC Vive Flow to practice meditation and other mental wellness exercises.

Meditation and ASMR sessions in a pair of glasses

HTC Vive Flow

Since this approach doesn’t require a lot of graphics power, HTC has been able to reduce the size and weight of the device to something quite a bit smaller compared to other glasses we’re used to seeing. The Vive Flow weighs just 189 grams (my phone weighs more) and uses a simple 7.5W USB-C cable to power itself.

In their screens, there is a combined resolution of 3.2K and a frequency of 75Hz, with a viewing angle of 100º and diopter adjusters in each eye for those who wear glasses. On its sides, there are speakers with spatial audio and ambient noise/echo cancellation, and a front fan will keep the device from getting too hot.

HTC Vive Flow

The Vive Flow works paired with a phone, which also acts as a remote control in the virtual interface presented by the glasses. You can choose relaxing environments to meditate in, scenarios to interact with via ASMR sounds, or play videos from YouTube or other services via Miracast.

The HTC Vive Flow cost $499 and will start shipping in November, though only in the United States for now. It’s a curious approach, not intended for the most demanding gamers but for those looking to use glasses of this style for relaxation or entertainment.

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