AnyDesk is a free Remote Desktop Application for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile that does not require creating an account to be used. According to the developers, the program has a secure connection with encryption and a proprietary codec that ensures seamless transmission. An alternative to TeamViewer, Chrome Remote Desktop and Microsoft Remote Desktop, the application offers bi-directional sessions on various operating systems and allows connection between devices regardless of platform. Learn everything about the solution, including functions, available platforms, how to use it at the following prices.

What is AnyDesk and what is it for?

AnyDesk is aimed at those who need to offer some kind of remote assistance via a computer or mobile phone and need access to someone else’s device. The application creates a bridge between users and allows one to control the other’s device. The solution is useful for companies and professionals who need to provide practical courses via the Internet, in addition to solving technical problems that require direct intervention from a specialist.

On a personal level, the application is useful to offer small day-to-day help to friends and family who have doubts or problems on PCs and smartphones of friends and family: instead of explaining a certain procedure, it is possible to show how to do it in practice even without being nearby.

What tools does the program offer?

Like other remote access applications, AnyDesk’s main function is full-screen sharing. During a session, the guest can control keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen (when supported), send commands like Ctrl+Alt+Del, enable VPN and share files in both directions. They can also send documents directly to a printer connected to the remote machine and draw on the screen to draw the host’s attention.

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Both can chat through an integrated chat and follow the shared files in a consolidated history, and save the session to watch later. The application also offers a discovery feature that places all devices on the same network on the screen to make it easier to connect to a person or company’s devices. Before starting a connection, you can choose which permissions the guest will have during the session.

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How much does it cost?

AnyDesk is free for personal use and offers the main features including recording, drawing function and connecting to nearby devices. There are three business modes. In Lite, it is possible to have a single user and controller device for US$ 10.99 a month. The professional subscription for a monthly fee of US$20.99 the user is entitled to unlimited devices and more functions, such as address book and installer customization. The most advanced, Power, offers unlimited simultaneous sessions at a cost of US$52.99 per month.

On which systems is it possible to download?

AnyDesk is interoperable, which means that the same session can involve users from different operating systems. It is compatible with remote access in both directions on computers with Windows, macOS, Linux (Ubuntu), FreeBSD and Chrome OS, plus Android phones and the Raspberry Pi mini-PC. On the iPhone (iOS), the application can be used only to control other devices, and not to receive support.

Desktop users can download the program on the official website and open with one click on the executable. Installation is optional. On the smartphone, you must get the official application from Google Play or App Store.

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How to access Windows remotely with AnyDesk?

AnyDesk needs to be installed or with the portable version open on a Windows online computer to allow remote access. Under these conditions, simply ask the host for the identifying number on the left side of the screen, enter this number in the “Other desktop” field and click “Connect”. The host will receive a notification and can select the type of permission to be granted to the controller. You can, for example, prevent system or PC sounds from being shared.

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In the following, the person who initiated the access will have control over the other person’s Windows computer and can perform all functions remotely. The operation is similar to the mobile phone.

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