GBWhatsApp Delta is a modified version of WhatsApp. This unofficial APK promises to unlock extra features in the original messenger, but it is downloaded from third-party stores or unknown websites, which is potentially dangerous. Furthermore, using alternative platforms that copy the official messenger source code is against the terms and conditions of the use of the app. For this reason, users of these “cloned” platforms can have their WhatsApp account banned forever.

Techidence has prepared a list of four questions and answers about GBWhatsApp Delta. Below you can see what the modification is, how it works, what features it offers, and why it is dangerous. Remember that the WhatsApp mod can only be downloaded on Android since Apple security guidelines prevent downloads of apps from unofficial sources on the iPhone (iOS).

1. What is GBWhatsApp Delta?

GBWhatsApp Delta

GBWhatsApp Delta is an unofficial modification of WhatsApp – that is, it is a kind of “clone” of the original messenger, which offers several extra features to catch the attention of users. The APK was inspired by another unofficial modification of the messenger, GB WhatsApp, which also became known for providing new features in the messaging app.

At first glance, the APK might seem interesting, as it unlocks several functions in the messenger. With the modified version, users can customize and personalize WhatsApp by changing the colors and fonts of the messenger’s default theme. The app’s interface – which can look similar to Facebook’s Messenger, for example – is also modifiable with the mod. The APK even allows you to change the color of the WhatsApp icon and also increases the size limits for sending photos, audios, and videos through the app.

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However, downloading Delta WhatsApp requires a security modification on the smartphone. As such, users who choose to download the unofficial version of the messenger need to allow “install apps from unknown sources”. This action may imply potential security risks to the smartphone, as it cannot be guaranteed that the mod is hosted on a secure server. In practice, by enabling downloads from unknown sources, users can facilitate the infection of malware or viruses on the device, which can lead to more serious problems, such as potential scams.

2. How does it work?

GBWhatsApp Delta

Since GBWhatsApp Delta uses the same source code as the original messenger, it ends up working very similarly to the official WhatsApp. This is why, for example, it is possible to exchange messages between users of the modified APK. When you download the unofficial messenger, the APK accesses the user’s contact list and thus makes it possible to start conversations even with people who do not have the modification installed on their phone.

The difference between the two messengers is mainly in the extra features that the APK offers. While the Facebook-owned messenger is known for being a user-friendly app, with a clean design and without many features that can confuse users, WhatsApp Delta brings together many additional features. The main one is customization, which lets you choose between light, dark and transparent themes. You can also add different themes and even change the default color of the messenger, replacing the traditional green of the WhatsApp icon.

The APK draws attention mainly because it provides functions that are often desired by users. The promises of allowing you to view deleted content, send photos without rendering, and even increase the time limit for WhatsApp Status videos may sound appealing, but the potential risk of downloading the APK can bring headaches.

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GBWhatsApp: why is it so successful...
GBWhatsApp: why is it so successful? See roles and risks
3. What are the risks?

GBWhatsApp Delta

There are several risks associated with using GBWhatsApp Delta. Since the app is unofficial, the tool can get your account permanently banned from the messenger, as the modification violates the original WhatsApp terms of service. In addition, the “cloned” application is hosted on servers outside the Play Store, so it is not possible to determine whether it is safe, since it does not pass the criteria adopted by the official Android store.

In this sense, the potential risks of downloading APKs from unofficial sources involve facilitating infection by viruses, malware, spyware, and adware on your phone. This is because with the permission given to the APK, security holes can be exploited, and the applications can come bundled with malicious software. It is also possible that there are excessive permissions, which can compromise the users’ privacy.

Another important point to note is that because it is a modification of the original app, it is possible that conversations exchanged over the platform do not have the encryption of the original app, which also compromises the security of those using the APK. Although WhatsApp Delta claims to have an “anti-banning” function, it is not possible to verify this, since the use of any modification of WhatsApp violates the terms of use of the messenger and is enough to cause permanent expulsion from the platform.

4. What is the difference between GBWhatsApp Delta and GB WhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp Delta

GB WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Delta are unofficial messengers based on the messaging app owned by Facebook. It is important to stress that using either of the two APKs is potentially dangerous, as they both violate the terms and conditions of use of the original messenger. The difference between them is that WhatsApp Delta is the modification of GB WhatsApp – that is, Delta WhatsApp offers even more features compared to GB since it is based on the WhatsApp “clone.” In practice, it is as if WhatsApp Delta is the modification of the modification.

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Due to the potential risks, the use of either platform is not recommended. This is why WhatsApp itself discourages modifications. So, if you have GBWhatsApp Delta or GB WhatsApp installed on your phone, it is best to migrate back to the official app.

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