An IP address is one of the most commonly used terms in the world of technology today. The Internet has become a fundamental part of everyone’s life, and IP addresses are an essential part of the Internet. We explain what an IP address is, what it’s for, and how you can get to know your PC’s address.

What is the Public IP and the Private IP?

IP stands for “Internet Protocol.”  IP is an Internet communication protocol that makes it possible to browse through all the content available worldwide. We can think of IP as an identity card that identifies you when you are connected to the network but goes much further as we will see below. 

Detail must be made between the public IP and the private IP. The public IP is an identification code that is assigned to you by your Internet provider and serves to identify each user unequivocally. Each public IP is unique and unrepeatable. The public IP can be fixed or dynamic, the difference being that the latter change over time. 

The public IP is the one that is associated with each one of the web addresses that we write in the browser. For example, when you type ‘,’ the browser automatically directs you to the IP address assigned to that domain. The DNS servers are responsible for making this translation completely transparent to the user. 

Public IP and Private IP

On the other hand, we have private IPs. These addresses are used in private networks by devices connected. An example of this is the Internet network you have at home. Your computer, your laptop, your smartphone – each of them has a private IP that identifies it within your home network. 

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Private IP addresses are also unique. This means that each of your devices will be associated with a different and unique address. 

An IP address is made up of four numbers of up to three digits that are separated by three dots. Values range from 0 to 255. There are three classes of numbering that are reserved for private IPs, detailed below: 

Class A: from to

Class B: from to

Class C: from to

How to know the IP of your Computer

Knowing the public IP of your computer is very simple. You only have to go to one of the many websites that exist to see this data. They all work regardless of the operating system; therefore, you can use them with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and any device with network access and a browser. 

An example of these sites is myip. As soon as you enter, it will show you your IP address. 

How to know the IP of your Computer

As for the private IP, getting it is also very simple, although in this case, we will use a Windows 10 tool to obtain the data. The first thing to do is to open a command window cmd; you can do it from the Start menu of the operating system. 

cmd search

Once there will be the cmd command console, we will use the “ipconfig” command to see all the data related to your Internet connection. The value that interests us, in this case, is “IPv4 address”. 

how to find private IP via cmd

That’s how easy it is to know public IP and private IP, which will be useful to you on more than one occasion. Remember that you can share the post on social networks if you like, this way you can help more users who need it. 

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